A Look At The Rugby Equipment and Gear From The Leading Manufacturers

Rugby, the popular game reflects a blend of speed, strength and strategy. This is a full-contact sport and the players are likely to expect a number of blows and tugs. Like any other sport played today, the players of rugby too need specialised equipment to play the game. At the manufacturers of rugby equipment you would get a complete range of items which are meant to play the game well, ensure a better performance on the field, reduce injuries and enjoy the game in a better way. The game is indeed a rough one and this why the players need to wear protective kit on top clothing and shoes in order to reduce injuries.

Let’s take a look at the pieces of equipment required to play rugby:

Rugby Ball:

The most essential item for the game is the ball. The ball needs to last throughout the match and this is why it has to be hardwearing. It is better to choose rugby balls from the leading brands like Adidas, Kooga, Puma, Canterbury, Gilbert, Mitre, Optimum, Summit and Web Ellis. The rugby balls come in several styles and designs and at the leading manufacturers you will get the best quality products. When planning to shop for rugby balls, you can choose to buy from the online stores and get the ball of your choice at excellent discounted prices. At certain online stores you will get all branded items which are 100% original and are available at more affordable prices than other places.

Rugby Boots:

These boots are specially designed for the players of rugby to provide them sufficient protection and support to foot and ankle while playing. To ensure extra grip, these boots have studs at the bottom. Rugby boots come from the leading manufacturers like Adidas, Asics, Canterbury, Puma, Mizuno and others at excellent prices at the online stores.

A Look At The Rugby Equipment and Gear From The Leading Manufacturers

Rugby Gloves:

The gloves are specially made for playing rugby and come with a rough underside so that the player s can have a better grip of the ball. These gloves provide extra protection to hands and are available for junior and senior rugby players both. You can choose rugby gloves from the leading brands like Adidas, Canterbury, Gilbert, Puma, Kooga, Optimum, Reece and Samurai. Shopping online you can get them all at discounted prices.

Base Layers:

An essential part of rugby equipment, base layer provides the much needs protection to players’ bodies. The base layers are available for seniors, juniors and women and are made in a way to be fit under the clothes. While buying rugby base layers, you can choose from the leading brands like Skins, Linebreak, Canterbury, Kookaburra, Morrant, Precision Training, Puma, Optimum and Adidas.

Rugby Headguards:

These headguards are meant to protect the heads of players from external injuries while playing. They are available for junior and senior players, both. Rugby headguards can be bought from the prime manufacturers like Canterbury, Gilbert, Kooga, Optimum, Xblades, Puma and others.

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