A Flower For All Seasons – Let Your Garden Bloom All Year Round

There is wide misconception that flowers only bloom in the springtime and that during the winter months; flowers cannot withstand the harsher climates, winds or freezing temperatures. While it is true that the winter is not flowers’ favourite time of year, there some buds out there resistant enough to weather the winter storm and will keep your garden looking alive with some colour! With this guide at your disposal you won’t even have to call in experienced and dependable gardening professionals. Lawn care is so much more enjoyable when you’re surrounded by colour offered up by flowers!

Knowing what flowers to plant in which month of the year will mean your garden is in full bloom no matter the weather! Let’s begin with perhaps one of the two coldest months of the year… January and February. Christmas has just gone and you might be feeling a little blue and in need of a good cheering up. One particularly hardy flower that will grow through your snow is the yellow-stemmed dogwoods or crocus. Winter jasmine is also an excellent choice. If however you’re still not convinced why not just enjoy indoor blooms instead by placing flowers and plants by the windowsill, catching the sunlight and trapping some warmth!

March brings about longer days, but your garden is still not bursting with colour. Look out for anemones and daphne, which will be able to grow before your garden has woken up! April is a beautiful month for gardens across the UK, as daffodils begin to rise and shine! Beautiful rhododendrons also make an appearance as do azalea. May is by far gardeners’ favourite month of the year, as the weather is prime for tulips, lilacs and my personal favourite peonies!

A Flower For All Seasons – Let Your Garden Bloom All Year Round

With June comes the arrival of summer where you can catch site of wisteria and iris flowers. Eye catching bottlebrush is also in full bloom under the sun, while the scent of hydrangea can be carried along with the evening breeze! Despite spring long gone by the time July comes round, there is still plenty for your garden to offer in the way of lilies!

August is known to be the hottest month of the year, but you can still enjoy relaxing in your garden during the evening and be surrounded by sweet magnolias, dahlias, traditional red poppies and lofty sunflowers!

The autumn months of September and October are renowned for spreading a golden kaleidoscope of colour across you garden and with the falling leaves, your lawn can look transformed into something magical. Daisies, hydrangea and penstemone will end further shades of gold and red to your outside space!

In November you can expect to see your garden shrinking under the weaight of heavy rain and colder winds. It might be worth planting some pampas grass to your garden and consider planting some African violets indoors, just to brighten your mood!

In December you’ll most likely be so busy with decorating your home that your garden will surely be the last thing on your mind. However while you’re decorating your home with holly, remember there are still some plants that will offer up flowers. These are cyclamen and hellebore. A popular indoor plant is the poinsettia with its large red leaves!

With so many flowers to choose from all year round, there’s no excuse for neglecting your garden. Why not carry out a thorough garden clearance in the winter months in preparation for a spring bloom! Remember that regular weed control, lawn mowing and leaf collection throughout the year will keep your lawn in healthy shape! Consider some of the options listed above and see if you can’t manage to keep your garden looking absolutely picture perfect no matter the season!

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