A Beginner”s Guide to Obtaining Loans: What To Avoid And Watch For

credit scoreObtaining loans is an essential part of life for most people in order to purchase a new car or home. Unless you’ve managed to build a life’s savings, loans are crucial to obtaining new property with the help of a lender. For beginners, it can be difficult to obtain a loan without the proper knowledge and research obtained. For each person starting out, there are a few key factors to remember before submitting an application.

Expect Orientation Fees

Orientation fees are an extra expense added to loans and often cost 0.5 to five percent of the loan. The amount you’ll pay often depends on your personal credit score and should be accounted for when determining what you can afford.

Improve Your Credit Score

Your credit score will be one of the primary factors that determines whether you’ll be approved for a loan. Your credit history displays just how well you’ve made payments on time and if you’ve gone over any limits. Obtain a copy of the credit report and look for errors that do not appear to be familiar, which can be repaired.

Establish a History of Employment

Most lenders will want to see a history of employment to trust that you’ll be able to make payments on time and can afford the loan. Wait until you’ve had at least two years of steady employment before applying for a loan.

Review Interest Rates

When shopping around for the right lender, carefully evaluate the interest rate that each financial institution is offering. Many banks or credit unions will offer zero percent interest for a year, which can seem like a great deal to the average consumer. However, the interest rate may jump to 21 percent after a year of using the loan. It’s also important to avoid applying for loans at institutions that will not tell you the interest rate until after you apply.

Consider the Length of the Term

You may be able to obtain a low monthly payment for an auto loan, but this can also be for a loan that is over the period of seven years. Although this can make it an affordable purchase, it can also cost more over time due to more interest rates you’ll be paying. It’s important for banks to earn a profit with the loan, making it important to choose the shortest duration possible.

Known the basics of applying for a loan will allow you to protect your finances before making a big-ticket purchase. It will not only make it easier to be approved for a loan, but can allow you to obtain a low rate that is fair and affordable.

Information provided by McLay Debt Counselors of London, Ontario


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