7 Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep

Although in the early months, your baby will often get up early from sleep; there are some measures you can adopt at a later stage to make sure he/she falls asleep for long hours. Here are seven such tips to help you ease this process:

7 Tips To Get Your Baby To Sleep

1) Be Flexible

The first thing to know when putting your baby to sleep is that there is not guarantee of one method working for your every time. While one nighttime routine may work for a week or a month, it’s no assurance that it will continue to work for the rest of time. It’s best to experiment with different nighttime routines rather than sticking with a single one. Rely more on your instinct rather than trusting random advices from random people.

2) Change Soiled Diapers

While for some babies wet diapers aren’t a disturbance while sleeping, for some they are. It’s best to change the diaper before they fall asleep rather than waking them up to do it. If your baby is suffering from a diaper rash, apply a suitable diaper rash cream gently to soothe the area. If you use cloth diapers, put on an extra to reduce the awareness of wetness.

3) White Noise in Background

White noise refers to a sound similar to the rush of blood through your body which you baby listened to when he/she was in your womb. Playing different kinds of white noise such as that of a vacuum, train or any other toy can help your baby fall asleep peacefully. Don’t despair if you don’t succeed on your first attempt. You will need to experiment to find the one which your baby likes. Also feed your baby two hours before resting him. Shop for your baby’s food needs online at discounted prices with the benefit of cash back using healthkart coupons available on

4) Find the Right Place

If your baby is sleeping comfortably a particular location, continue with it. But as and when your baby gets non-accustomed to it, try different places in your home to decide the best place for his/her sleeping. The place for them can be in their own crib in their own room or next to their mom in bed. Many parents try on different places for the first year.

5) Consider Different Lights

It’s a popular fact that complete darkness in room helps encourage sleep for your baby. However this may not always be the case. You must have seen toy projectors which show stars on walls in darkness on walls. These cute little things give your baby something interesting to look at and help him/her relax.

6) Control the Temperature

The temperature story for babies is same as it is for you. The room should neither be too hot nor too cool. The temperature should be pleasant so that your baby can fall asleep easily. If the weather is cool, you can even leave the windows open. Just ensure that your baby isn’t close to them.

7) Little Eye Contact

While during the day it’s good to make eye contact to help your baby stay awake and improve the bonding process, the same can have a negative effect at night. Many babies find eye contact stimulating which means having trouble falling asleep at night. It’s why you should avoid looking at your baby. You can even close your eyes as an example for your baby to do the same thing.

These tips and tricks should help you out your baby to sleep quickly!

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