7 High-Tech Devices To Improve Your Car

Modern technological progress generates incredible achievements. And if you pay attention to the automobile industry, today many cars already help the driver to drive a vehicle, notify about leaving the road lane, as well as equipped with various information and entertainment centers and other useful tools making them very functional.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to buy a ‘heaped up’ car with the most advanced technological innovations on board. So, in order to give the car a new life, you need to pay attention to important gadgets and technologies that must be installed in modern vehicles. Here’s the list of the most useful tools for the effective car upgrading.

Remote Start Systems

Most old car models are not equipped with a remote start function, so in a cold winter morning you need to get into the car and warm it up for a while to defrost the engine and start the car normally.

Remote Start System

However, to solve the problem you can use a more convenient tool – a special gadget for remote launch of any car via smartphone. In addition to the main purpose in the form of remote control of the car, this device can notify about free parking lots, determine the current location of your vehicle, as well as automatically start the engine at a certain time, based on the usual schedule.

Smart Driver Assistant

SGII - day

The next gadget will be an indispensable helper for car owners who plan to keep track of the current state of their car, pass full engine diagnostics, improve fuel consumption, etc.

In addition to these important functions, the device is equipped with an engine code scanner, which allows you to quickly determine the cause of faults and find the best way to eliminate them. For installation, just insert the plug into the OBD-II port located directly in the car. After that, the application will independently read the necessary information, taking care of the vehicle safety.

Modern Radar Detectors

If you are annoyed by frequent fines for speeding, take advantage of the unique radar detector called Passport Escort Max 2. With its help you can locate radars, and also prevent any troubles associated with personal imprudence. In addition, the technology is able to prevent the unexpected opening of doors and other incidents, so it will be useful to any driver.

K40 RSL2 Radar Detector

The gadget is equipped with a wireless Bluetooth interface and controlled via special applications on smartphone. Displaying the current speed, notification of exceeding and other important data are transferred to the smartphone in real time. The database of this unique radar detector is constantly updated with new devices, so the user gets access to it after each next update.

Head-up Display on the Windshield

Garmin Head-Up Display

The projection display on the car’s windshield is a very useful and functional tool that can expand the basic functions of your vehicle’s multimedia and infotainment system. Designed by Navdy, the projector can design a picture from a smartphone, displaying all the necessary information on the windshield. Among the available functions are GPS navigation, gesture control, Bluetooth wireless interface support, voice control and the ability of making phone calls.

CarPlay Infotainment Systems

Imagine that all the functions of your smartphone are available on the modern navigation display of the car. Sounds incredible, doesn’t it? So, Apple decided to make the dream of many car owners come true, by presenting CarPlay system.

Astra K - bestens vernetzt

This development allows you to use the capabilities of iPhone without physical contact. Now you can manage text messages, calls, maps, music and many other functions directly on the onboard panel of your car.

Relaxor 9 Massage Device

It’s impossible to imagine a list of the most advanced automotive technologies without a multi-functional massage device ‘Relaxor 9’. This little device allows a driver to experience all the delights of a full massage while traveling home after a stressful day in the office or a long trip. Also, the device offers a heating function, which will be indispensable when driving in the cold season.

massage info

This affordable gadget will be able to turn your car into a representative of the premium class cars. Among the proposed functions are 3 or 4 massage zones that are programmed according to your requirements.

OBD Port Tuning Device

Nowadays, the owners of gasoline cars can improve their car and make it truly sporty by using a unique technological plug-in that connects to OBD-II diagnostic port. The gadget automatically selects the right settings for the engine, increasing the power of your car.

However, it’s important to understand that such an invention is not an ordinary ‘trinket’, but a serious tool that can put the engine out of action in case of improper application. In this regard, the engine configuration via OBD should be entrusted to the trained specialist.

High-tech gadgets can greatly improve your car, even if it’s not the newest model. These devices make driving more pleasant, easy and safe. Want to try any of them? Then use Faro car rental, where some of these devices are available as additional equipment.

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