5 Tips For A “Greener” Home

There are several surprisingly simple ways to lessen the footprint of your home and reduce energy costs. Seemingly little choices such as the type of curtains you hang, and even your home decor can effect more than just the appearance of your home. These small choices can save lots of money as well as the environment.

5 Tips For A "Greener" Home

5 Home Improvement Tips To Reduce Your Energy Usage Without Hassle

  • Blackout Curtains

The secret to reducing the human carbon footprint to zero will lie in the the sun, via solar energy. However solar energy will also increase your energy costs by heating up the house by entering through the window panes. The solution for reducing solar heat from skyrocketing your summer energy bills are simple blackout curtains. Blackout curtains are easy to install and the energy savings will be obvious in the first month.

  • Upgrade Your Light Bulbs

Regular light bulbs are a thing of the past, yet for some reason they are still being sold. Upgrading to compact fluorescent bulbs will save time because you will have to actually change the bulb up to seven times less. They use much less energy, and in turn cost less to run than regular bulbs. According to the Department of Energy, energy efficient lighting options will give you the same amount of brightness, for less cash. So you are not sacrificing light or quality to save energy.

  • Aerators

These simple tap aerators add air to the water coming out of the faucet they are connected to, increasing the water pressure and decreasing the amount of water actually used. They are easy to add to the faucet and use no energy. Aerators also reduce water noise and splash back.

  • Thermal Curtains

Insulated curtains and window treatments keep the sun’s hot and harmful rays outside, and the air cooled air inside. During the winter months thermal curtains keep cold air from leaking out through the windows. Keeping the insulated thermal curtains open during the day in the winter allows the sun to passively warm the house, then when closed at night traps the heat inside.

  • Ceiling Fans

Obviously turning the air conditioner up will reduce your energy costs, even an increase of only 5 degrees can save as much as 10% off of the energy bill. But then you are left warmer than you want to be so not many people are willing to increase the temp Ceiling fans bridge that gap in the temperature when you turn up your air. Ceiling fans use much less energy, and moving the air around make the whole room feel significantly cooler.

  • Each Little Step Counts Towards The Bigger Picture

    Little things matter. If you cannot afford to install solar panels in your home or go through expensive extremes to live greener keep in mind that every little bit matters. Take small steps and do what you can because every single step you take will reduce your carbon foot print and energy bill.

Remember that things like proper insulation, and conserving the energy you do use with things like window treatments, arctic entrances, and passive heating and cooling with nature (Opening curtains to allow heat in in winter, planting bushes for summer shade) will save you money and make your entire home more comfortable.

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