5 Things to Do in Dublin For the Best City View

Dublin is a beautiful city with a vibrant soul and rich culture. Anyone visiting Ireland’s capital will want to see it from its very best angle. The great news for travelers looking for the best city view in Dublin is that there are plenty of options. Many tourists will prefer to relax in a rooftop bar and gaze over the panoramic views. Others would rather stay at ground level and explore the River Liffey or the nearby scenery. Here are five great things to do in Dublin with an incredible view.

Taste Ireland’s best export at the Gravity Bar in the Guinness Storehouse

This is a pretty obvious place to start because the Guinness Storehouse is one of the leading tourist attractions in Dublin, Visiting Guinness Storehouse is on everyone’s list of things to do in Dublin. Ireland is famed for Guinness and the legend goes that the best tasting glasses are served right at the source. The Gravity Bar is a brilliant place to taste a pint of Guinness after seeing the brewing process in the storehouse below. But, the most memorable thing about this bar is actually the 360-degree view. It is impossible to find anywhere else where you can see as much of the city and local landscape.

The Gravity Bar in Guinness Storehouse

Unwind after a day of exploration at The Marker Rooftop Bar

The Marker Rooftop is another popular rooftop bar, but it is more a drinking and dining spot and less of a tourist attraction. The views here don’t rival those from the top of the Storehouse, but the rooftop is high enough for great views toward the Irish Sea and out to the Aviva Stadium, the home of Irish rugby. The bar is right beside the Grand Canal and not far from the centre of the city.

Explore the River Liffey via some beautiful architectural bridges

Those that want to explore the city at ground level will enjoy some of the views of the River Liffey from the many bridges. The Ha’Penny Bridge near Temple Bar is one that many tourists wish to see. It sits in the heart of the city and is a great vantage point for views down the river. Others will prefer to see the more modern Samuel Beckett Bridge and the modern architecture of the Eastern side of the city. This is a great idea for those that want great views for photography more than the sheer spectacle of the landscape.

5 Things to Do in Dublin For the Best City View

Head out to sea on the Great South Wall

Some may argue that the best city view is actually from the air. Tourists heading into Dublin by air from the East will see the red Poolbeg Lighthouse as they descend into the airport. This structure is a beautiful beacon 2km out from the city’s quays. What many visitors don’t realise at first is that it is possible to walk to the lighthouse along the sea wall. It is a bizarre nautical adventure with great views at the end. It is a great way to see Dublin from an unusual angle, but also to see a little more of the surrounding landscape of Ireland. The wall looks longer than it is and shouldn’t be far too walk for those that make an afternoon of it. The wide flat wall is one of those weird features of Dublin that everyone needs to visit at least once.

Enjoy a hike around the Dublin Mountains

Finally, no list of things to do in Dublin is complete without mentioning the mountains. These are mountains from an Irish perspective. This means that they are not the tallest peaks in the world, but they provide an impressive hilly landscape. These mountains are a wonderful part of those 360 views from Gravity Bar. But, adventurous outdoors-types may prefer to look over the city from this landscape instead. It is a bit of a trek up to the summit. Still, the views from either Montpellier Lodge, Ticknock or Three Rock make it all worthwhile. This option is best for those taking the car ferry to Ireland or hiring a car on arrival. The entrance to the forest is a far distance south of the city.

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