5 Natural Cleaning Solutions For Your Kitchen

It’s never too late to go green, especially when the environment is in a precarious situation. One way of doing your bit for the green cause is by using eco-friendly products in your home and kitchen. There are quite a few safe, non-toxic, formulas and techniques that you can adopt when cleaning your home.  We have put together a list of easy DIY tricks when it comes to keeping your kitchen spick and span!

5 Natural Cleaning Solutions For Your Kitchen

Pick Up Some Lemons

Lemons are great as a bleaching agent and deodorizer which is why they are found inmany cleaning solutions as an ingredient or fragrance.Dilute lemon juice with water to clean stains and sanitise surfaces such as chopping boards. Remove smells from plastic containers by soaking them overnight in lemon juice.

A Pinch of Salt

Mix salt with club soda to get rid of the cornucopia of smells emanating from your fridge. A half a cup of salt stirred into four litres of hot water can be poured down the kitchen sink to clean out the drain. So you can eliminate the need for buying those super-strong drain cleaners.

White Vinegar to the Rescue

It’s anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties make it ideal for cleaning purposes. To remove lime deposits from utensils, dissolve half a cup of white vinegar in about two cups of water and boil for a few minutes. Then rinse with fresh water.

Shine With Baking Soda

This is great as a deodorizer, particularly inside a refrigerator and can also help in scouring sinks and countertops. If you want sparkling stainless steel utensils, mix some baking soda in water and apply it with a cloth. Then, just wipe dry with a clean cloth to see the shine.

Olive Oil

Mixed with some salt, olive oil makes a great scrub mixture to clean pots and pans. Added to some lemon juice, it can be used to remove streaks and corrosion marks from steel and copper utensils and also for brass knobs and handles found in many modular kitchen designs.

All Purpose Cleaner

A tried and tested method is to make remove water stains is to use half a cup of vinegar, a quarter cup of baking soda and mix this into 2 litres of water. This will help you get rid of the toughest stains – in an all-natural way.


To get rid of strong smells in your kitchen, all you have to do is make a mixture of baking soda with lemon juice, place them in small dishes all around. This mixture absorbs odours easily, you could also use vinegar instead of baking soda.

Whether you have a straight kitchen or a parallel kitchen, make the switch to these natural cleaning solutions and see how easy it is to stay green.These simple DIY tricks will not only cut down on your expenses but also ensure that you preserve the health of your family. Go green with a few easy steps.

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