5 Dashboard Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

The dashboard of the car is a place that contains most of the important controls and indicators of the parts and actions. The warning lights appear when the car starts-up and flashes in a regular sequence and after a while they subsequently go off. If everything is working well, the lights won’t come back. But if they show up while driving, then it would be an indication of a problem or an issue with any of the major parts of the car that needs immediate attention.

5 Dashboard Warning Signs You Should Never Ignore

1) Engine Temperature

If in the engine temperature indicator, a red light is seen, it indicates that the engine is suffering overheating. It could happen because of any of these reasons like the water or coolant level going low, leak in the cooling system, either radiator fan or the thermostat is not functioning properly. The experts of the Monterey Volkswagen dealer came up with the following suggestions:

Steps to be Taken:

  • It should be pulled over immediately as soon as it is possible to allow the engine to cool down.
  • Check the engine’s coolant and fill it to the normal level if necessary.
  • Once the car cools down to open the radiator cap very carefully,
  • If driving has to be continued, turn on the heater and the blower to move the heat from the engine to the cabin.
  • Once the ride is over, take the car immediately for service without any delay.

2) Oil Pressure Warning Light

This warning light means that the oil pressure of the engine has fallen from the normal levels.

Steps to be Taken:

  • Pull over the car safely
  • Turn off the engine
  • If there is a spare bottle of engine oil in the car top it up

3) Battery Charge Warning Light

The battery charge warning light showing up indicates that the charge is running low, or there could be a problem in the alternator.

Steps to be Taken:

  • Switch off the AC, the radio, and the lights.
  • Drive the car with the remaining charge to the immediate possible safe parking.
  • If possible, try to take the car to the next petrol pump and show a mechanic for an immediate solution.

4) Brake Warning Light

This usually turns on when the handbrake is being used. But if that is not the case, then it could be indicating an issue with the brake system too. If there is any brake failure, it could be because of a brake fluid loss, worn out brake pads, the brake system having a leak, or a damaged ABS speed sensor.

Steps to be Taken:

  • Release the handbrake if it is in use.
  • If the brake pedal resistance is not responding normally, bring the car speed to 0,
  • Pull over immediately and arrange for a tow truck.

5) Check Engine Warning Light

This warning light indicates an issue with the engine. In such case the Monterey VW dealer suggests you take the following steps.

Steps to be Taken:

Slow down the car speed

Drive it to the next fuel station and show it to a mechanic.

Summing Up:

All of the above-said solutions are temporary to save the car and the occupants of a grave situation. But the most recommendable solution is to undergo an immediate servicing and repair work one.

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