4 Powerful Tips To Market Your Fitness Boot Camp

The popularity of fitness boot camps is continuing to grow not just in the United Kingdom, but all over the world.

People are naturally drawn to them, because they provide a reasonably priced, fun alternative to most forms of exercise and personal training.  And because they also allow a fitness professional to earn much more per hour than if they did one-on-one personal training, it’s not a bad idea for you to start thinking about running one yourself – if you haven’t already.

4 Powerful Tips To Market Your Fitness Boot Camp

When I started my own boot camp in Bedford I employed these powerful tips.  They’ll help you to market your own fitness boot camp and make it profitable:

1) Businesses are always looking for services and products to offer at a discount to their staff. Contact companies in your local area and offer them a 10% discount for their employees in exchange for them promoting your boot camp.

This approach can potentially get your boot camp’s name out to thousands of people with very little effort on your part! However, I would recommend that you provide them with the marketing materials to pass along. No one can do a better job of promoting your boot camp than you.

2) You can also offer the same companies the opportunity of you coming in to give a “Lunch and Learn.” That’s where the staff brings their own lunch and eats while you give a talk on fitness. But don’t make it an advertisement. You need to give good, solid information about fitness.

However, at the end of your talk you can make a special offer that ends the minute you leave the premises. You can offer your fitness boot camps at an introductory price that they’d be mad to refuse. The point is to get your boot camp filled with participants. Once it is, if you do an awesome job, word-of-mouth will keep it filled.

3) Create a true sense of unity by really placing emphasis on competition and teamwork. Be sure to make the most of technology by creating a blog that boot campers can read online and view upcoming sessions and post comments. Not only does this build fellowship between those enrolled, it’s also a great marketing tool because they will show the blog to family and friends and they will see why they love your boot camp so much!

4) Put your money where your mouth is and offer a 100% money back guarantee. This is a proven marketing strategy that gives potential customers a sense of security. This strategy can be a little frightening for fitness professionals. But it’s extremely rare for someone to ask for their money back when you have provided a great product or service and they know it!

So all you need to do is create an amazing fitness boot camp and you have nothing to fear!

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