12 Basic Breeds Of Storage Lockers and Their Functionalities

A dingy or a disorganized place never entertains positivity in a world that gets easily influenced by the energy that they are surrounded with. A storage locker would be the perfect savior when it comes to creating a well-organized surrounding apart from providing safety and discipline. The needs and requirements never resemble consistency in the choices of the customers. This has given rise to variety and the need to produce an agile set of storage solutions.

There are many types of lockers floating in the world of storage solutions. Mobile storage lockers, climate controlled storage lockers, probe storage lockers, school lockers, staff lockers and the list is enormous. Let me walk you through some of the basic storage options and where they are being used. Read on to find out about them.

1. School lockers

Lockers in the school premises are one of the most admired pieces of furniture that aids the convenience of not only the students but also the management as a whole. This type of locker gives a space to store away all the belongings of the students that could be accessed as and when the need arises.

2. Office lockers

Office lockers are one of the best investments that an organization could be making for its staff. These lockers help in keeping all the important documents, files as well as the belongings of the staff members safely, making way for a secure and a clutter free environment.

3. Laptop lockers

Laptop lockers are used to safeguard your laptops. There are some lockers that have an inbuilt facility for charging your laptops, so that you can charge your lockers when you are away, along with guaranteeing its safety.

4. PPE lockers

The Personal Protection Locker acronym for PPE is a locker that accommodates all the protective equipment that a worker is mandated to use within the work premises. For example safety glasses, chemical splash goggles, hand gloves etc.

5. Cell phone storage lockers

A cell phone storage locker is the perfect abode for storing away your smartphones. These lockers provide a safe haven for storing your smart phones where you are required to keep them in the locker.

6. Garment lockers

A garment locker is used to store all your clothes so that they have a place of their own. Such type of lockers not only ensures safety but also the well being of all your clothes and garments as they would be kept away from dust and harmful particles.

7. Bicycle lockers

As the name suggests, bicycle lockers are used for looking after the safety of your bicycles. These lockers are designed to not only look after the safety of the bicycle but also to protect it from all kinds of damage caused by external forces.

8. POD lockers

POD lockers are used at places that exhibit a dearth of space. They are designed in such a way that they accumulate a lot of storage lockers within them that can be used just by rotating.

9. Refurbished lockers

Apart from the freshly designed solutions, you also get to lay your hands on the lockers that have been used once and are all ready for their second innings. As they are available at a condensed price, it becomes one of the treasured options for all those who want to invest in lockers with a reasonable budget.

10. Leisure lockers

Leisure lockers are the lockers that you get to witness in gyms, sports clubs and spa. Such type of lockers ensures that the members get to keep all their belongings safely without causing any inconvenience in their leisure activities.

11 Parcel storage lockers

Parcel lockers, as the name suggests, are used for keeping the parcel which due to some reasons could not reach the owner. The parcels kept in these lockers are later collected by the owner as per their convenience.

12 Climate Controlled storage locker

A climate controlled storage locker is used to store all the fragile and climate -sensitive things that need extra protection from the changing climate. Such type of lockers is used to store antiques, wooden furniture, electronics, etc.

To be more precise the lockers could be divided as per the functionalities, usage, need and many such factors that make it easy to hunt down the right option. You just have to flip through the web pages to have a look at these storage solutions and after meticulous evaluation, you can pin down your choice.

Final Note

Over the years the demeanor of storage lockers has seen a commendable growth in their functionalities. This has given rise to a number of options gracing the storage solutions market. Whether it is school lockers, probe storage lockers, staff lockers or mobile phone storage lockers, you will always end with a solution that would be close to your needs.

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