Zigo Launches An Exciting New Leave Management Software

The HR Software market is crowded with all sorts of software that can be confusing at times and an intimidating, daunting task; Zigo has decided to launch a new cloud based software that allows SMEs to streamline their leave policies. This new South African innovation is cloud based and so business manager don’t have to be burdened with purchasing new hardware and have their systems run smoothly and efficiently. Zigo understands the importance of a highly productive workforce and abrupt leave can often disrupt workflow.

Zigo Launches An Exciting New Leave Management Software

With a focus on the future of cloud computing and being able to operate the software from a range of devices; the Zigo Leave Management systems offers progress in HR solutions. It is both beneficial for the employer and employee; if employees understand their leave better and have a way of keeping track of their leave. Once an employee applies for leave; according to the policies set up by the company; the software will either accept or reject the application.

The advantage of this new innovation is that it can be accessed from anywhere by both employers and employees using mobile devices and PCs. The system is designed to accommodate the fast paced environments SMEs find themselves operating in. As Zigo is currently experimenting with this new software; it is currently offered for free to SMEs. The contract terms are simple and the company will be offering flexible contracts once it moves to a paid system.

Zigo has been operating in South Africa over the past 5 years as a job aggregator; the website lists job from a range of sources in South Africa, the UK and the US ensuring that an optimum amount job listings is available on one site for candidates to browse and apply for. Zigo also hosts a range of recruiters who post South Africa jobs to the website which are distributed to over 15 networking websites.

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