Yoga Catalogue: TOP Places and Events To Practice Yoga In Montreal

Yoga is a unique training method that is absolutely adapted for modern people, their life, work and leisure. Looking for a good yoga studio in Montreal, pay attention to local yoga schools and meetings. They all are available on weekend. Remember, there is always something interesting to happen in a big city. Try to hire a car in Montreal and go to find interesting yoga places to relax and get fit.


United Yoga Montreal

Welcome to enjoy the unique yoga experience! The yoga school is situated in the very center of Montreal. This organization is devoted to beauty and elegance of Ashtanga Yoga and Kripalu Yoga and unique yoga combinations. Yoga Montreal offers every day yoga classes for newcomers, students and experienced students and teachers. The most of teachers are local specialists, the oldest yoga trainers in Canada. You can visit classes, master classes, yoga therapy.

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Yoga Studio in the Park

Yoga is for all and everyone. You have a nice opportunity to have yoga in the park – the best natural platform for yoga training, meditation. The studio in the park is in the process of renovation now. They have a great mission – teach yoga for comers and goers. The talented teachers offer their helping hand for everyone who:

Want to get fit;

Want to improve knowledge and get some practice;

Want to train in a low flow regime and tempo;

Want to feel free and light;

Have no time to spend much time for yoga classes (morning Flex Flow classes, Lunchtime Express).

Lyne St-Roch Yoga Studio

Welcome to the pleasant and attractive yoga platform that consists of 4 bright classes and more than 50 classes for different levels:


Therapeutic fit and Pilates;

Post-natal yoga and Pilates;

Yoga and fitness for aged visitors 55 +

You can also visit lunchtime classes, classes for yoga teachers, seminars and health care programs. The studio was created in 2001. The mission of this project is making people’s life calm and healthy. The experienced teachers offer high quality services for all students. Yoga and fitness exercises are specially developed for every student. Yoga is the best instrument to balance your body and soul. Of course, the base of yoga therapy is pleasant friendly atmosphere, relaxation, breathing exercises. You are focused on your energy.

Yoga team gives you competent support, helping you with motivation, patience and humility. If you feel good, you can start yoga travelling to find yourself.

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Restoring Yoga and Meditation in Shanti, Wolf Island

This relaxing event is predicted to help you to restore your health, relax to the full and feed your brain and mind. As long as you stay here, you can enjoy vegetarian dishes and drinks to help you feel fresh and full of energy. You can go kayaking, water trampolining, swimming in the river or visit sauna. This is your chance to enjoy everyday meditation classes, yoga training, restoration practice and philosophy exercises. It is very important to visit class of massage.

Why do you need this information? You know, restoration yoga therapy and Thai massage is the highest level of relaxation. You can enjoy relaxing music, aromatic oils, Thai massage and interesting yoga positions. This class is for different groups, different time to be maximal interesting and convenient for everyone. Of course, you need a ticket to visit yoga. What is the price?

The price includes food, hotel, classes and seminars. You do not need yoga experience. What is more, if you are not interested in yoga classes one day, you can easily go home and get your money back. Never miss your chance to train in yoga, deep meditation and physical freedom far from the noisy city. The island attracts you with its beauty, sweetness and light, emotional and physical relaxation. It is especially attractive in summer!

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Beach Yoga in Montreal

May, 27 and 28 – remember this date! The unique yoga experience is waiting for you! Never forget to sign up the yoga forum and attend the greatest event – beach yoga. The palms, sandy beach, flowers, fresh air make you feel something special. This is very surprising event, indeed! This is an hour of crazy yoga for you and 400 participants all together!

It does not really matter whether you are experienced yoga teacher or not. Just come with your friends and meet new people that are also surprising. This is probably the most impressive yoga event with the participation of palm trees, aromatherapy, presents, pleasant fluids and many other things.

Kriya Yoga Babaji

The primary goal of yoga philosophy is the world piece, happiness, love and serenity. You must not be perfect but try to express your feelings by means of yoga. Kriya Yoga is a kind of scientific art to make people think of their spiritual riches. Kriya Yoga was developed by the greatest Indian master Babaji. It consists of several methods and points. So, the course offers you to learn 18 yoga positions to better your health and energy, 6 phases of breath technics; 7 interesting methods of meditation to clear your mind and body. Experienced teacher is a great master of Kriya Yoga Babaji. He started practice in 1969.


You should also learn special literature to know more about yoga training. The books about Krija practice is translated in 16 languages. Canada is a good platform to teach Krija Yoga. There are many special schools in Quebec and Montreal. You are offered to visit seminars, classes, training lessons the year round. There is International Yoga Organization that was founded in 1997. There are more than 30 members, experienced yoga teachers from the USA, Canada, India, Sri Lanka. They are glad to organize seminars for everyone who wants to practice yoga.

The seminar usually takes place in Montreal. The price of it is about 300 USD, including food, 2 days of hotel and yoga training. The days for seminar are Sunday and Saturday. There is also a system of bonuses and privileges for long-time clients.

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