Winter Break In Florida: Boat Shows and Yachting

Which way do you like to spend your holidays? Make a break in winter and go to see the best grandiose show for yacht lovers! What about Florida? The coast of Florida with its sandy beaches and favorable climate is attractive at any weather and season. You don’t need to look for a special occasion to go enjoy your holidays. But if you want to get fresh emotions, try to come to Florida in February. Florida is favorable platform for yachting! So, you have a chance to visit one of many yacht exhibitions that take place in the cities along the coast.

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Miami International Boat Show

This fantastic show gathers visitors from all over the world. Do you want to know why? This is time when Miami looks like a big exhibition center. The main exhibition objects are concentrated in Miami Beach and in the center of Miami. The show gathers about 2000 of participants, including all big and world-popular yachting leaders. More than 3000 exhibits include yachts, accessories, component parts and equipment. You can find everything for yachting. The exhibition is unique with its specific: it is available for everyone, but only for yacht specialists. This is a place you can see the variety of boats, ships, yachts. You can learn the difference between the sport and fishing yacht!

International Yachting Exhibition in Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is also known as the Yachting Capital of the World. The city is situated in Florida, USA. The every year Yachting Exhibition usually takes place in November. You can use one of many car rental Fort Lauderdale Airport under 25 services and go to the city port to find out more than 100 yachting decks and marinas. More than 50 000 of yachts are situated here. It is also important to say that Fort boasts more than 24 miles of the beach line and 300 miles of the water ways. So, the yacht owners are not limited in using water space.

About 1000 of workers are involved in different services. The trade industry is also well developed here. The world popular brokerage companies have their offices here. The Yachting Show in Fort is one of the biggest yachting shows in the world. It attracts yacht lovers from all over the world. It is interesting but this event was founded in 1949 to be the best autumn tradition.


Palm Beach Boat Show

The hot sun of Florida with its sandy beaches is a good alternative to American or European winter. There is one more chance to get fresh emotions – Palm Beach Boat Show. This is a place to enjoy special atmosphere, make friends and business partners, watch beautiful and powerful ships and yachts, exchange experience in the sphere of sea transport, learn news and progressive ideas. You can see the boats of unusual design. The modern high technologies and systems cannot but impress you, beginners and professionals.

The show is interesting for kids, aged people, ladies and gentlemen. There is a Florida beach near here, park of attractions and supermarket. It helps people to spend interesting time, change their activities, take some rest and have lunch. The exhibition takes the area of three football fields. They are situated in the center of Palm Beach. Actually, the place of the exhibition depends on the quantity of exhibits.

Miami - Island Queen Cruise - Seafair Yacht

Buy a Yacht in Florida

Do you want to buy your own boat or yacht? You know if you want to find the best variant or just learn as much information about yachting as possible, you should come to Florida. The boat of your dreams is waiting for you! If you know nothing about yachting, you may use broker services that are also available in the show. Florida Boat Exhibitions gathers yacht producers and owners from all over the world. What a useful meeting you may have! This is not a virtual dialogue about yachts and advantages but visiting the world popular boat sellers personally.

The broker services are available. If you are afraid to be failed, you may hire a broker right here in Florida or take it with you. It is very important to organize your time and space correctly. Think about meeting, business dialogues, excursions, preparing documents, relaxation. You definitely need someone who can help you to manage your business part of the trip. Whatever you do, everything must be done perfectly well. If you don’t want to buy a yacht, you may spend your day marvelously but walking along the beach and visiting yachts. The entrance is free.

Sell a Yacht in Florida

Make your winter break useful and profitable. If you have a boat you may sell it here, in Florida. There are many people who come to show their beautiful boat or sell it. You may use broker’s help to save your time for learning the exhibition but not for waiting for clients. Go ahead! Enjoy Florida landscapes and forget about routine.


Yachting Tour

If you have free time, you should go yachting. The most of locals says that there is no way to learn Miami better than from the yacht. Of course, you shouldn’t go yachting alone. It can be dangerous. You may hire a yacht or buy a ticket to one of many yacht excursions. How about a big white boat with air conditioner and main deck? The yachting walk is supported with the excursion guide to tell you about everything you see from the boat. The beautiful views speak with no words! The landscapes of Miami are marvelous. You can see the beauty of nature, yachts and cruise ships, houses on the beach.

Want something special? You may pick the dancing yachting tour. This is an hour and a half of joy and good music. You can spend your time funny, dancing on the main deck with your friends or make new friends. There is also an opportunity to learn yachting. You may pick the night or day tour, as you wish. Anyway, yachting is always interesting.

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