Why Your Business Should Utilize Plastic Shipping Pallets

When transporting goods there is always the risk of them being damaged in the journey. That is why many companies require their staff to place products on to plastic shipping pallets before loading them on to trucks or cargo ships. There are many benefits that can be gained when using these pallets as you will soon find out below.


Being Cost Efficient is Very Important

Any company that is serious about making money will want to control their operational costs. This includes the cost of transporting goods on plastic shipping pallets. Due to their high durability, it is very cost efficient to use plastic pallets rather than wooden ones.

It also costs a lot more to acquire wooden pallets than their plastic counterparts which is another reason why companies prefer using them. As plastic is less likely to become damaged during the journey compared to wood, the company can stand to save a lot of money from continuously having to buy new pallets frequently. If these pallets do not become broken or damaged, then there will be no reason to replace them.

Durability beyond your Wildest Dreams

Everyone knows that plastic shipping pallets are more durable than wooden pallets but do know exactly how much more? The average lifespan of plastic pallets can range between 50 to 500 trips, depending on how often they are used, how far they need to travel and how heavy their cargo is.

In case you were wondering, wooden pallets are only expected to last 10 to 50 trips. This makes plastic pallets 10 times more durable! Wooden pallets are also easier to become damaged or broken so the company will always have to spend money maintaining them or buying new pallets.

No Fuss Cleaning

If the company using plastic shipping pallets often transports consumable items then it is important that the pallets are easy to clean. This is to avoid any bacteria from contaminating future products. Due to the ease of cleaning plastic pallets, they are the preferred choice in industries like food and pharmaceutical where hygiene is always a priority.

As plastic can be easily hosed down with water, they are also able to withstand chemical cleaning or steam cleaning. They do not easily corrode under high temperatures and can be quickly reused for their next shipment. Unlike wooden pallets, plastic is not a substrate for most fungi and bacteria to thrive on. They also do not absorb moisture and are impervious to solvents, fats and acids.

Now you know exactly why plastic shipping pallets are the number one choice for companies in almost every industry out there.

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