Why You Should See Holland by Bicycle!

With its flat landscape, UK like climate, short distances, friendly people, and excellent infrastructure are what makes Holland first class and ultimate cycling nation. There are so many reasons to get over there and explore Holland by bicycle. Here is a list of the top 10 reasons why you should go there and enjoy.

  1. Holland has an unbelievable 30,000 km of well cared for bicycle networks with cycle friendly crossings and junctions just waiting for you and your bicycle. Where else has that?

  2. Cycling friendly road signs have been perfected, ensuring that it is virtually impossible for you to get anywhere near a place called “lost’

  3. With over 30,000 kilometres of safe and secure cycling paths, mostly separated from motorised traffic, what is there to be truly concerned about?

  4. The Dutch are well used to cyclists being part of everyday traffic and are cycle aware.

  5. Do yourself a favour and take a cycling holidays from Hooked on cycling, for bicycling holidays all over Europe that will be the holiday of a lifetime.

  6. Holland is a flat kind of country, so that even untrained cyclists will find it easy to travel the routes, and provide a no-problem/no-worries kind of travel

  7. Somewhat similar to the UK, Holland has a mild type of climate and during the spring, summer and autumn, it is rarely too hot or too cold to get out there and ride your bicycle

  8. You will have the great advantage of being able to see the most beautiful spots that are otherwise hidden or impossible to access to car users; the junction network will direct you to roads, paths and avenues that are simply inaccessible to motorised vehicles

  9. Cycling is the number one green means of transportation, so you’re helping to contribute to a positively more ecological kind of society for you and your children

  10. Holland happens to be up there as one of the top 5 countries on the entire planet for road safety, thus guaranteeing your peace of mind as you move from place to place in this wonderful country and culture.

Cycling is also very good for your health, and you will be seeing this unique country in a way that tourist droves from tourist buses will never be able to see. Up close and personal will show you parts of Holland that the everyday tourist can only dream of. Who wouldn’t want some of that? And the beauty of it is that you can do it by yourself, or with friends, or with family!

In short, riding a bicycle in Holland is the ideal means of transport if you want to see the real Holland at its best. And should you not happen to own a bicycle or cannot take one with you, you can easily rent bicycles pretty much everywhere. Get out there and see the beauty of Holland and what it has to offer!

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