Why Parents Should Encourage Their Kids To Play Outdoor Games

Even a few decades back, after coming back from schools, children used to move for the neighboring outdoor fields to play different games or undergo workouts in the clubs. As of today, however, the scenario is absolutely different. Instead of going outside for playing, kids now enjoy varieties of indoor games, video games, watch cartoon movies and channels in television while teens leave for tutorials.

The outcome is that numbers of these kids are unfit, obese or fatigued while many are becoming victims of heart disease or high blood pressure. Just consider your earlier life. Yes, competition is overpowering, days are hard-hitting for the upcoming generation. However, health loss is quite a gross loss which can make them inactive in future. The sports specialist, coach and consultant Clay Hutson thinks strongly that parents should inspire their kids to get engage in varied outdoor sports.  Some of these popular games are as follows

Softball/ Baseball

Are you aware that most neighborhood baseball teams are members of the Little League Baseball Society in the United States? You will be impressed to know that more than 3 million kids within the age group from 5 to 18 take part in Little’s League every year. Depending upon the area you live, you can inquire the details from respective authority. If your kid is less than 5, they are given coaching with softball and subsequently they are given the opportunity to play baseball. The great benefits that you child can avail out of playing baseball include Physical strength, mental relaxation and social benefits. The play helps attain greater balance of the body, makes them disciplined and they understand the value of leadership and teamwork.


While soccer is popular-most across the world, it is one of the most chosen sports in America. In 1974, the U.S. Youth Soccer Organization initiated its journey with roundabout 100,000 players. And this figure is more than 4 million today. Similar to Baseball, most local soccer teams are within the US Youth Soccer Organization. For your child’s benefit, you can always inquire if the group is a member of YSO. Kids less than 4 years can participate in smaller ball plays known as albeit on the smaller grounds while older children are allowed to play fast paced soccer gradually. Apart from physical and mental boost, the game plan is excellent to improve cardiovascular health, strengthen body muscles and helps avoid weight gain. Your children come to know what teamwork is and how leadership acts. Soccer builds self-esteem and boost confidence.


Apart from being a major fun, riding bicycle is considered a great and complete exercise. The sports guide Clay Hutson recommends that for kids below age 3, tricycle is ideal while parents can introduce two-wheeler bicycles for their children above age 5. Seniors must assist and monitor children while they learn the initial session of bicycling. Considering safety factors, never allow children to ride in the streets. Your home driveway or nearest parks are ideal. Other than physical benefits, your kids achieve balance, cardiac health, and awareness about environment apart from experiencing family bonding with this workout.

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