Why Every Business Should Partner With A Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency is one of the most important routes for sourcing the very best talent out there today. Despite the rise of Internet-based job boards, social networks and internal recruitment teams, third-party recruitment agencies continue to grow and be in high demand. There are several key advantages to using a recruitment agency to find your next new hire, starting with:

Why Every Business Should Partner With A Recruitment Agency

The Recruitment Agency Knows Your Market

Different recruitment agencies will have different specialities. As long as you choose to partner with one that works within your industry, that agency will be able to deliver the best talent. Some of the immediate benefits which businesses experience when working with a recruitment agency like www.carmichaelfisher.com are:

  • The recruitment agency knows where to find the best talent and has an extended global reach;
  • The agency will know how to reach out to and contact that talent;
  • They are familiar with current salary rates in your industry and for that job position; and
  • They have insight as to what the candidate’s career expectations will be.

Your recruitment agency will act as your partner and collaborator. They will be the eyes and ears of the market, and will be able to provide you with ongoing insight as to what is happening in your industry in terms of job candidates, hiring, and available skill sets.

The Recruitment Agency Delivers Candidates, Not Applicants

Another important benefit of hiring a recruitment agency is that they are delivering appropriate job candidates to you and not applicants. An applicant is someone who has not yet been vetted, a process which can take business owners and hiring managers hours if not days to complete. The agency will have already vetted these individuals for you and have assessed who is a good match for your company and who is not. The only potential new hires you see are those who have been pre-selected and match your criteria.

Because the candidates have been vetted prior to arriving at your door, you are also far more likely to receive qualified candidates. By receiving qualified candidates for the job role and the culture of your company, you are increasing your chances of having a profitable and engaged employee while reducing the risk of employee turnover.

The Recruitment Agency Has Access to Strategic Skills

According to one recent report, the primary reason why a company uses a recruitment agency is to gain short-term access to individuals who possess key strategic skills which their business needs at that time. Because of recent talent shortages, many businesses are finding that they are not able to scale as quickly as they want or need to.

Agencies give businesses the flexibility they need to be able to grow in order to meet consumer demand and to remain profitable. Through the use of a recruitment agency, companies are able to tap into a pool of talented individuals who may be able to help their business for the short term or for the long term.

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