A lot of parents are eager to sign their kids up on team sports, and there are quite a lot of good reasons why. The first and most important thing is, of course, that every parents want to have a healthy kid, especially considering that the rate of obesity in kids and adults alike continue to rise every year. But team sports can mean so much more for you and your kids than simply keeping them fit and healthy. Quite a lot of studies on the issue suggest that sports could boost a kid’s confidence and self-esteem, and there is a positive link between a kid’s participation in sports with their academic achievement in school. There are a lot of different sports for parents and their kids to choose from, and here are a few you can take into consideration:


Soccer is an incredibly popular sports in many parts of the world, which can make it appealing for a lot of children, especially ones who has shown an interest in professional soccer matches such as the Euro Cup or Copa Americana. Soccer teaches your kids the importance of teamwork and fairplay, as well as improving their sense of balance. All the running required for this sports is also great for their cardiovascular health, and can greatly improve their endurance with enough practice. Soccer, however, can also be a pretty risky sport, with injuries ranging from shin splits to concussion. This is why more advanced techniques such as heading the ball should be taught to older kids only, ideally from age ten and above.


Basketball is always a popular choice of sports, especially considering that this sport only requires the barest amount of equipment–with a ball and two hoops, you can play basketball practically everywhere. Aside from teamwork, even learning the most basic moves of basketball, such as dribbling or passing, can greatly improve your kids’ hand-eye coordination. Basketball is also a relatively safe sports compared to, say, hockey or football, although the risks of injuries still exist, including pulled hamstring or knee problems. This is why parents everywhere should also drill their kids with the importance of warming up before every practice.


Although this sport is traditionally geared at women, cheerleading is actually one of the best sport your kids can take to teach them about the importance of cooperation and teamwork, regardless of their gender. This is because a cheerleading routine needs the entire team to be in-sync to be done successfully, and the entire routine can fall apart with even a single, split-second misstep. Cheerleading can also be a lot of fun to learn, as this sport incorporates a lot of dances and music which kids enjoy. The greatest benefits, of course, are the flexibility and agility your kids will surely learn, especially as they get older and better at the sports and as they learn more acrobatic moves that can make a crowd goes wild if executed well.

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