Where’s the Best Place to Reside in London?

London is one of the most iconic places in the world. If you are planning to relocate to the area, it is best if you get the lay of the land immediately. Down below, we have created a complete guide for you.

Mayfair and St. James

Mayfair and St. James is one of the more popular boroughs people choose to build their home in compared to its other neighbouring districts. The area’s heritage charm and elegance have survived well over the years. Not to mention, these villages are famous for the luxury shops that are scattered across the land. The area also offers an exceptional dining experience as well as you can find any cuisine to your liking.

Royal parks and squares are also one of the key advantages in setting up residence in Mayfair and St. James. If you choose to stay here, you are always near St James’ Park, Green Park and Hyde Park. The squares you can visit are Grosvenor and Berkeley Square. If being close to greenery is crucial to you, then you should pick this location.


Soho is known all across the globe as a fashionable district that houses the leading film and entertainment companies. The theatre and film industry is booming in this area. Many artists, independent filmmakers, videographers, composers, scriptwriters, music lovers and art enthusiasts choose to live here because it is one of the leading media centres in London. It is also very well known for its active and vibrant nightlife. There are also various upscale restaurants in the surrounding area that makes it a popular location. Flats are the most common form of housing units in Soho.

King’s Cross

 If you thrive on art and culture, then King’s Cross is the perfect location for you. King’s Cross has an exciting cultural scene and a rich and varied heritage for you to enjoy. Not to mention, it is one of the fastest booming districts in London. Homes, offices, shops, restaurants, bars, schools, galleries keep popping up across the area making it one of the most sought-after areas by many homebuyers.


If you are a financial analyst, banker or a statistician, then London Docklands is the right place for you. One of the major business districts and the main economic centre of London can be found here. It’s called Canary Wharf, and it is the European headquarters of various banks and professional services firms. There are several areas across the land that are reserved for both commercial and residential use.

Tech Belt

By its very name, you already get the idea what this part of London comprises of, right? The Tech Belt is well-known for having kept London’s economy afloat in recent years. It is where various businesses from the tech sector set up shop. If you live for the excitement of seeing the tech industry grow and flourish, then this is the best location to do it.

These are the best locations in London you can choose from. Check out Gerald Eve’s London Knowledge to find out more about these places.

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