When Daylight Saving Draws Closer It’s Time To Change The Wiper Blades

Many drivers are pretty laid back when it comes to having the wiper blades changed on their cars. They consider that other systems are more important when it comes to repairs. The thing is, having a clean and clear windscreen is very important. If the glass is smeared or dirty it can reduce your visibility of the road. Opticians state that about 90% of the decisions we make when driving are due to seeing the road and surroundings around us.

If the blades you have on your car at the moment are smearing or not clearing the water from the windscreen, it’s time to change them. It is recommended that they be changed every six months even if they are not used. When your car is parked, in wet weather they are still being damaged. Many people like to change their wiper blades when we change the clocks, which is in March and October of each year. During the winter when they are going through harsh weather, we need to check to make sure they are still performing correctly.

When Daylight Saving Draws Closer It’s Time To Change The Wiper Blades

Extreme temperatures, friction over the windscreen and heavy rain can damage the wiper blade preventing it from working efficiently. The rubber on the blade provides a resilient and flexible edge that glides over the glass. If this is left to dry out in hot or cold weather, it will start showing signs of wear and tear. In cold weather, the rubber will go brittle and it hot weather it will warp. When checking your wiper blades for any damage look specifically for discoloration, splits and the wearing of rubber. If your wipers are noisy when gliding over the glass, this is also a sign that they need changing.

Having poor wiper blades will decrease your visibility of the road that can cause serious safety hazards. If you are struggling to change them yourselves, don’t make this deter you from having them replaced. Take them to your nearest garage. It may cost you a little extra due to labor costs, but at least you know that have been fitted correctly and you are safe and not breaking the law. Do not force the blades to come off, as this will damage the existing hardware.

Drivers need to be made aware of the seriousness of leaving worn out wiper blades on their cars. You know the dangers, so don’t delay get them changed today.

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