What You Need To Consider When Shopping For A Used Golf Cart

For many golfing enthusiasts, buying a property on a golf course is a dream come true. They can golf any time they please or just enjoy watching others out on the course while relaxing in their own backyards. While golfing is a good way to get exercise, some days you may not want to walk an entire course. For those times, you can purchase a golf cart to drive to the range and around on the course.

Considerations for Purchasing a Golf Cart

When you’re in the market for a golf cart, you have several decisions to make to choose one that is best for your needs. One of these considerations is size, because some golf cart models can carry up to eight passengers. Typically, a golf cart is made to carry two passengers and their golf clubs. You may only need room for two to four people, depending on whether you have family that likes to golf or if you have friends with whom you frequently play.

Golf Cart Budget

The size of your budget is also important when you start shopping for a golf cart, and it will be the primary factor in which type of cart you can buy. The prices for golf carts will depend on what size they are, the power source, whether they are street legal, and if it is new or used.

Depending on its amenities, you could easily spend up to $20,000 for a brand new golf cart. Fortunately, many models are much less expensive, and you can always find used golf carts for sale at many golf cart dealerships. If you do choose to buy a used cart, you need to thoroughly check it out to make sure it is in good condition.

Golf Cart Power

Golf carts are powered by either an electric battery or petrol, and the type you select will depend on how far you plan on driving the cart, how you are using your golf cart, and the amount of horsepower that you want.

Petrol-Powered Golf Carts

The engine of a petrol-powered golf cart is very similar to that of a car’s and it requires similar maintenance. If you are planning to take your golf cart off-road or use it as a utility vehicle on your property, a petrol powered golf cart is the better selection, as their engines usually have more horsepower. In addition, they run longer on a tank of fuel than most electric cars do when fully charged.

When your cart needs more fuel, you just have to refill the tank and you can keep driving it. With an electric golf cart, you would need to recharge the battery, which will prevent you from using it until it is recharged. The main disadvantages to buying a petrol powered golf cart are that the engine is noisier than an electric cart’s and refuelling it is more expensive than plugging in an electric cart to recharge. Also, there may be some areas where you cannot drive a petrol-powered cart.

Electric Powered Golf Carts

Electric golf carts run on rechargeable batteries and require little maintenance as a result. Since they run on batteries, there are no carbon emissions, so they are better for the environment. Their engines have much less horsepower than petrol-powered golf carts, so they really don’t have the power to be used for utility purposes, such as towing or hauling heavy loads.

Along with being better for the environment, they are also much less expensive to own, as they do not require expensive maintenance or fuel to operate. Probably the main downside of owning an electric cart is it does need to be recharged after it has been used for the day.  Also, replacement batteries can be very expensive, costing as much as $400 depending on the number of volts you need.

Golf Cart Options

Golf carts come with many options, so you will need to decide which options you need and which you can live without. Some of the options you can choose from include:

  • Windshields
  • Radios
  • Horns
  • Mirrors
  • Headlights

Some of these options are important if you intend to drive your golf cart on the streets around where you live. A horn will help you alert other drivers or those walking in the street that you’re coming toward them, and mirrors will allow you to see the traffic behind you as you drive.

Evaluating a Used Golf Cart

Buying a used golf cart can help you save as much as 50 percent off the price of a brand new cart, but, as with any used vehicle, you will want to closely examine it before buying. Usually, you will have the option of buying a golf cart “as is” or buying one that has been reconditioned.

A reconditioned golf cart has been thoroughly inspected by the dealer and had work done on it. The dealer may have had to replace mechanical parts, replace the seat coverings or the canopy, or repaint the cart. A reconditioned golf cart will come with a warranty, so if it breaks down within the allotted time, the dealer will repair it for you and get it running again.

A golf cart sold in “as is” condition means it hasn’t had any work done on it and you get it as you see it. In many cases, used golf carts that are sold in as is condition may not have a warranty on them, and while they can be inexpensive, you are taking your chances by buying one.

Along with thoroughly examining the used golf carts you are thinking about buying, you need to test drive them as well. A 15-minute test drive will allow you to get a good idea of how comfortable a ride they provide, how well they handle and the quality of the golf carts. You can save money by buying a used golf cart and get a great cart for your needs.

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