What Makes A Best Soccer Shooting?

What is a game of soccer where there is no goal to shoot? What is a game where there is only little being tried? It becomes a boring representation of the ball being passed from one player to the next dominant one. There is a small degree of hesitation in every player before a ball has to be shooting. But if there is no goal shooting, there can’t be any goal and there can’t be any distinctive impression in the 2 teams. And when a goal shooting is to be done, a player has to keep in mind a few major things to make it count as a goal. Energy, mind and skills all put together makes a perfect goal, mindless shooting or poor energy can cause the ball to rebound without making an entry. The right speed, the right angle, the right lift is all that makes the soccer shooting the perfect one. Here are a few pointers that will aid a newbie to play soccer effectively.


It is important that you feel your body relaxed and limp. Do not exaggerate the game conditions on to your mind or body. A relaxed shoot can be easier and less energy consuming. May it be any game, hockey, or throw a ball, a shooting done by simple sewing or a kick keeping the limbs loose increases the speed of the ball. Aggressive swing or kick can cause your muscles to get tensed and wiped off.  Also staying relaxed will help you to move around swiftly without any problem.


The last stride should be driven by a long forward hopping load this ensures your ball travels a long distance. This can be done by bringing the heel so close to your behind and bringing the force and load required.

Storing The Load

It is all about the physics. Keeping your knee bent in a V shape holds up the energy reserve and gets ready for the shoot. Keeping the V bend as much as possible and hitting the ball in a whipping effect will do all the work.

Right Kicking Technique

When you approach the ball, the angle and touch are important. The big toe can bring in a lot of stability as it is connected to the largest bone first metatarsal in the foot. So, kicking the ball on big toe knuckle will help bring the force of the impact to be fruitful.

Bring In The Right Momentum

Angle, force, impact should be amalgamated with the right momentum. The overall effect should be such that the ball sweeps through an invisible barrier and moves fast forward. So bring your body forward with your shooting foot to bring in the sync for the kick, soon the shooting is done, plant your shooting foot down first. This ensures proper drive for the ball.

Ball Contact

When you make contact with the ball, it is important to look at it, bring in a slight forward bend and kick it properly. So the eye contact, perfect release of the energy is achieved which is important to bust a perfect target.

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