What is the Best Similarity Checker Online?

There are more than a few pieces of software online which you can use to check similarity between documents and content. However, the true question should be which one is the absolute best of the lot. In this article we are going to pin two of the best in the business: iThenticate vs Plagramme. Two very efficient services with different approaches and business models. But, which one is the best? Let’s find out.

First off, iThenticate

A purely commercial similarity checker is heavily-oriented towards business clients. iThenticate only offers business solutions to publishers, GO’s, non-GO’s, non-profit as well as other organizations if they seek to make sure their content is original. The numbers are very good, with more than 50 trillion sources and a wide business client base, this similarity checker surely has a lot of good features. The pricing isn’t low though with a submission of a single manuscript costing no less than 100USD. Of course, organisations with large volume uploads get discounts. Individual users are left with the same source material but are heavily restricted with word limits, customization restrictions etc.

To sum up, this plagiarism and similarity checker is good for big businesses but you cannot test it out for free so you just have to take their word for it.

Next up, Plagramme

Plagramme is more versatile and open when it comes down to the user-base. Whilst offering solutions to business clients, Plagramme is a similarity checker for individual users also. It imposes no word or document limits and you can try it out for free. However, there are slightly less source material when in comparison to its opponent. The upside of this, however is much cheaper checking of documents, endless customization etc.


Even though it has more sources and a great client-base, we just think that iThenticate is inferior when compared to Plagramme. Because of its openness, availability to every user as well as cheaper checks (with free testing) we just have to give the edge to Plagramme.

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