What Is Filemaker and How Can It Help Your Business

The progression in information technologies has enabled customers to easily gather information from multiple sources. Most people choose a product or service only after reading the user reviews and comments, whereas others use social media to gather feedback on the specific product. So the businesses have to keep the users interested and engaged by providing the most relevant information collected from various sources. Many companies sync multiple databases to provide updated data to the users.

The cross-platform relational database applications like FileMaker make it easier for businesses to easily store, manage and update data by integrating a database engine with a GUI-based interface. The GUI-based interface enables users to keep the database updated simply by dragging the additional elements into the screens, layouts or forms. At present, a developer can choose from several versions of FileMaker Pro.

In addition to FileMaker Pro 12, FileMaker Server 12, and FileMaker Pro Advanced 12, you can also use the FileMaker Server Advanced 12 and FileMaker Go 12 for iOS. Based on the volume and nature of data, you can easily configure a version to suit your server, desktop and operating system. Many companies even offer customized FileMaker database development services to meet the specific requirements of clients. The easy-to-personalize features of the relational database application further help the businesses in saving a huge amount of time, money and resources.

What Is Filemaker and How Can It Help Your Business

Features that Contribute Towards the Huge Popularity of FileMaker Pro Faster Database Updates: Along with being a cross-platform relational database applications, FileMaker Pro also makes it easier for users to append, edit and update the databases. The Starter Solutions feature makes it easier for you to manage content, resources, projects and estimates without putting any extra time. The customized solutions further help developers to make powerful web and mobile apps that can provide the most relevant and updated information to the users.

New and Innovative Themes: The latest version of FileMaker Pro offers over more than forty themes to the users. Each of these themes can change the look and feel of your database within a few seconds. The layouts further make it easier for you to format the stored data differently based on their individual categories. At the same time, a number of design layout tools like image slicing, gradients and alignment guides allow you to achieve the desired level of design precision.

A Set of Advanced Solutions: A developer can use the advanced solutions provided by FileMaker Pro 12 to easily manage resources, projects, content and other important aspects of a business. The professionally designed further increases the pace of maintain and updating databases. Also, you can use the solutions to create a variety of windows to present the data in a stylish way. Based on the type of data, you can create a modal dialog or floating window. You can also use scripting to easily download and use the online content directly by inserting from the URL.

Simple Drag and Drop Option: FileMaker Pro was initially developed as a DOS based application. But the updated versions of the applications are popular due to their effectiveness in integrating a GUI-based interface with database engines. The interface further makes it convenient for users to update and modify the database simply by dragging and dropping the files to a database. The drag and drop features also enable users to render images quickly, store information securely, and manage the data externally.

Seamless Integration with SQL Database: Being a cross-platform relational database application, FileMaker Pro can easily perform a variety of SQL queries against your FileMaker solution. Also, you can use the application to sync information stored on different data sources. Based on your specific development and testing requirements, you can further link and redirect your ESS connection to a different SQL database. The feature helps users to retrieve data from various data sources within a few seconds.

Generate Powerful Reports: A user can also create comprehensive and eye-catchy reports using the Quick Charts provided by the application. Your reports will use the updated data gathered from various sources. At the same time, you can generate customized reports in a spreadsheet-like format, and enhance their appeal by inserting bar, line, area, and pie charts. The feature further makes it easier for you to make and change the charts by integrating with the set-up window.

App Development for iPhone and iPad: The Apple devices have become an integral part of modern lifestyle. Many companies launch new apps and update existing apps to target the huge base of iPhone and iPad users. The app developers often find it difficult to make robust apps that can seamlessly fetch information from different data sources. A developer can simply use the FileMaker Go 12 for iPhone and iPad to develop powerful apps. The customized iOS design and development tools provided by the application save the time and effort of developers. You can use the themes, design tools, calculation functions and scripts to develop and update a variety of apps.

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