What Is a Virtual Office?

Renting an office is expensive, and many businesses do not need office space on a permanent basis.  You can store and access most essential information from your laptop computer or even your phone.  Renting a virtual office is a cost-effective alternative for small businesses and startups.  Understanding what Global Business Centers virtual office can do for your business can help you save money and be more productive.

An Office Without the Office Space

A virtual office does have desks, filing cabinets, and phones; you just aren’t the one using them.  The office staff collects mail and takes phone calls for the clients who rent virtual office space there.  You are paying for a business address and phone number.

One benefit of a virtual office is that you can keep business communication separate from your personal address and phone number.  Receptionists are there to answer your business phone calls in the most professional manner.  If you had to take all your calls on your cell phone, there would be lots of background noise.  Clients could hear when you were answering their calls from the supermarket or in the car with your kids.

Best of all, the virtual office gives you an address in a business district that makes a good impression on clients.  You can have a virtual office in Beverly Hills without having to pay for office space in such an expensive location.

When You Do Need a Physical Office

Some business meetings are too important to hold in a coffee shop.  When you really have to make a great impression, rent a conference room in prestigious Beverly Hills.  Meeting rooms are available for rental by the day at Global Business Centers.

Most of the time you don’t need office space, but sometimes you do.  Virtual offices are a practical solution.  You can always rent meeting rooms for the days that you need them.

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