What Can Gamers Expect from The New NFL Madden 16 PS4

Succeeding previous installations of the Madden NFL series, Madden 16 became popular quite shortly after its launch. Widely acknowledged by the lovers of Madden series, this new game proved to extremely thrilling and challenging too. The Madden 16 came with an advanced AI system that adapted itself in accordance with gameplay. In comparison to the previous installments, Madden 16 offers a strong defensive layout just as the offensive system.

The Madden 16 is launched for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles. This game allowed gamers to earn coins and points for every match won. The coins and points earned can be invested in the enhancement of the team or individual players. The NFL maddens 16 ps4 also allowed gamers to buy various stat-enhancing items and even legendary players from the auction house. These items and players are considered to be extremely beneficial for the “created teams” since the purchased items or players have an overall impact on the team’s performance.

Let’s take a trip about the amazing things to be experienced by playing the Madden 16:

  • Advanced Interaction for Gamers

The latest installment of the Madden series has presented gamers with a whole new set of features to be enjoyed while playing the matches. Right from interactions to elements of gameplay, gamers are able to experience a whole new level of playing a refined madden game.

  • Better Quarterbacks

According to the experts, the Quarterbacks are designed to be much more realistic, especially in terms of accuracy of throwing. If gamers tend to make a mistake of throwing the ball with poor accuracy, they would likely to repent doing so. Unlike the previous installments, the Madden 16 requires the gamers to compose a proper gameplay wherein the Quarterback would be capable of performing properly.

  • Better Wide Receivers

The Wide Receiver mechanisms have been converted in such as way which forces the gamers to make instantaneous decisions, thus, bring a moment of tension and thrill while playing. The overall gaming requires the gamers to develop a different strategy for every match played due to the advanced AI mechanism. However, the only problem which gamers might feel is the tackles. According the experts, the game would show some odd tackles that usually don’t happen in the real life games.

  • Inclusion of a New Mode

The “Draft champions” is the newest addition to the Madden 16 that was not present in the previous installations. This mode is considered to quite a fun since you can quickly get a team together and face the various “created” as well as computer controlled teams. This mode is also regarded as a straightforward approach and allows gamers to enjoy playing the matches.

Finally, the NFL madden 16 ultimate team coins are back that allows the gamersto make their very own team to battle against the numerous online and offline matches. Gamers can win these specialized coins for enhancing their teams and getting ready for the forthcoming matches

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