What Are The Different Types Of DBS Check?

Hiring people is something that business owners and HR departments need to take extremely seriously. This is going to be a much easier process if people are properly vetted. Every single industry should have some form of screening in place to make sure that new recruits do not have a blemished record.

When you are looking for a background check, you should be aware that there are several different types. Once check might be suitable for one type of industry but not needed for another. When you hire a firm to do this for you, they will let you know which checks are required in your particular line of work.

What are the different types of DBS check that can be carried out?

DBS Employment History Check

The employment history check is one of the most basic and vital online DBS checks that can be carried out. Within 48 hours, you will be able to know whether someone is suitable to be hired. This check will determine whether their references are genuine. It will also confirm the length of time that they have been employed and also whether they have faced any disciplinary action whilst they have been in gainful employment.

DBS Criminal Record Check

A criminal record check is something that you will want to have carried out on everyone. This is not an invasion of privacy, so you should not feel that you are being intrusive when you request this service. Instead, the criminal background check will supply you with vital information that you would have otherwise been unaware of.

DBS Record Of Study Check

Some people lie about their student credentials when they want to transfer to a university in the UK. You should have these people vetted in order to check whether they are already registered at a university. Then they can enrol on an exchange programme with your university in a completely legal manner.

DBS Working With Vulnerable Adults Background Check

A full background check will identify people who should not be working with vulnerable adults under any circumstances. This will keep the patients or care home residents that you look after completely safe. Most people that you interview for such an important decision will have completely clean records and they will be people that you will be happy to hire immediately after the full background check has been completed.

A dedicated company will perform this check for you, contacting employers and relevant authorities.

DBS Working With Children Background Check

Working with children is an extremely sensitive area and you should screen potential employees with the help of a specialised service. Previous employers will be able to disclose and infractions and the police can disclose more serious offences.

You can carry out a background check for a number of different reasons. Ultimately, these checks help to keep your staff and clients safe. They also make your business fully accountable to clients and authorities.

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