Use Your Feet: TOP 8 Hiking Trails In Europe

It is time to speak about the active leisure that you can have on your vacation, especially if you are tired from running from the museum to museum and from the restaurant to restaurant. What about hiking? It is time to meet TOP hiking routs of Europe for different budgets and physical training. Try to get maximum emotions from your journey.

Hiking on Bergslagsleden


Curonian Spit, Lithuanians

Time: 1-2 days

Route: Nida – Bulvikio Bay – Preila – Karvaiciai

Distance: 15 kilometers

Complexity: 1/5

The Curonian Spit divides the Curonian Bay from the Baltic Sea. It is famous with the sandy white dunes that are 0,3-1 kilometer wide. The spit is a corridor for the migration birds of different sorts and rare plants and animals. You can get this place by ferry from Klaipeda and stay free with your choice: buy a map in the touristic center and go to learn the nature on your own or buy the hiking rout for a couple of days in the same touristic center. If you don’t like to stay in nature for a long time, you can visit the Neringa town for a while. How about the beach party in the open air?

Tatras, Poland

Time: 1 day

Route: Zakopane – dol. Bialego – Sarnia Skala – dol. Strazyska – Zakopane

Distance: 16 kilometers

Complexity: 2/5

The Tatras are usually called the Poland Alpes. This is the highest part of the Carpathians that goes along the boundary of Poland and Slovakia. If you want to go hiking up in the mountains for a day or two, it would be great to visit Zakapone and start your route right here. The route through the Sarnia Skala is good for the newcomers. The maximum height is 1355 meters above the sea. It is enough to be the hero with no additional preparation.

Balaton, Hungary

Time: 2 days

Route: Tihany, Iskola – Ujlaki templomrom – Horgasztanyak – Kulso-to – Baratlakasok – Visszhang-domb – Apatsag – Tihany, Iskola

Distance: 17 kilometers

Complexity: 2/5

You can have the greatest hiking ever to finish your route with the bathing in the crystal clear water. The route goes over the green hills, lavender fields, yacht-club, forest churches, wild nature. If you are strong enough, you can go dancing to the sea club. By the way, it is very comfortable to travel to Balaton from Budapest by the route bus. You have to book the tickets beforehand. This bus comfortable goes through the island.



Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Time: 1 day

Route: Arona – Ifonche – Roque Imoque

Distance: 12 kilometers

Complexity: 3/5

Tenerife with its pleasant weather, wild nature, dead volcanoes and surfing waves is the best place for hiking. There are many hiking routes here. There is the most beautiful one that goes along the South part of the country to start in Arona, where you can admire the ancient houses, narrow streets, colorful villages. What is waiting for you on the go? Oh, there is the pine forests, wild horses, citrus plantations. It is not enough! You can spend your night in the tent under the stars and go to try one of many new routes. If you want to make your own plan, you may try!

There is one more thing. Tenerife is duty free zone. You can buy alcohol, jewelry, perfumes and brand clothes for the democratic price. What a pleasant shopping you may have in addition to the tiring hiking!

Berchtesgaden, Germany

Time: 2 days

Distance: 58 kilometers

Complexity: 3/5

Berchtesgaden offers the best hiking opportunities for all travellers in Bavarian Alps. Thus, you can climb up the karst plateau Steinernes Meer that is also called the Stony Sea and admire the impressive view of the Konigssee Lake. The lake is surrounded with the Austrian Alps from three sides. You should visit the St. Bartholoma Church on the bank of the lake. The distance is long. You can visit many different places on the go. Never forget to take the tent with you – it is very comfortable to sleep in the mountains in the open air. What is next? You are free to do whatever you want! What a good idea to go to Salzburg from here – it is 30 kilometers long.



Fimmvorduhals, Iceland

Time: 1 day

Route: Skogar – Thorsmork Valley

Distance: 22 kilometers

Complexity: 4/5

The most important hiking route in Iceland starts in Reykjavik. This is a place where you can make a plan of your route, choosing one or two or combination of them. The routes go to different part of the country. You can hire a car in Reykjavik and go to buy all you need, including food, clothes and medications. You have to be well prepared to cover the long distance. The most interesting hiking route goes through the bottom of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. If the weather is good, you can easily get to the peak of the mountain, cross the ice houses and admire the Modi and Magni tos.

Tirol, Austria

Time: 31 day

Route: Lech – St. Johann – different routes according to your preferences

Distance: 280 kilometers

Complexity: 4/5

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