Trying To Figure Out Some Effective Training Venues: Here Is Your Guide

There is a lot of difference in organizing a conference or a seminar and undertaking training sessions. Conference or Seminars have a speaker or few different speakers who come one by one and give their piece of speech to members sitting there. Training sessions include an expert trainer, who excels in some forte and is present there to teach all the participants both theoretically and practically.

Trying To Figure Out Some Effective Training Venues: Here Is Your Guide

Training rooms in Bangalore should be selected after many pre-considerations:

  1. It should be easily accessible for the majority of the participants. In the case of 7 days training or more, people would be happy to have the venue, which has easy transport options.
  2. It should be equipped with all technology required by you in training. Technology devices like projectors, screens, mike, wireless mike, live video streaming, etc. should be all noted before hand, and hence, you should search for training places where you can get them easily. Outsourcing them for every single day can be little expensive and hence budget would increase.
  3. Venue or room should be large enough to have proper seating space for all the trainees.
  4. It should have good air conditioners to keep room pleasant and cold for a better environment for the trainees.
  5. Washrooms should be maintained and of good hygiene.
  6. Drinking water should be easily accessible for all.
  7. In case you need to serve food, then catering facility should be there.
  8. There should be enough lighting in the room to keep the room bright and properly lit.
  9. Rooms with soundproof walls are better to avoid the noise outside to disturb the training.
  10. It should have an elevated stage area for you to be seen easily by all.
  11. There should be a good space for the trainer to move about and explain anyone individually.
  12. If you planned certain group activities, then make sure the room is spacious. Asking everyone to disturb the seating space and after that rearranging creates a lot of commotion.

In electronic city of Bangalore, you can find many 3 star to 5 star hotels that have good banquets with high quality buffet, which they give for training sessions at economical prices. You can bargain also with them on prices. You can hire such space for whatever time span you want.

Hotels are easy venues for any training because if you have people participating from other cities, then they can stay in the same hotel as training. This can however save their time and your logistic cost.

The other way round, if your company or organization has some private space in their building, then that can be taken into consideration. Do not opt for open places for training because open places can never get audience concentration and focus. The audience generally stays scattered and it is very difficult to gather them back.

Also, Bangalore has frequent non seasonal rains. Keep that factor also in mind. Your entire planning and hard work would wash away in water if training is to be kept on open grounds. So, be smart and judge the best option!

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