Try Your Hands At Special South Indian Snacks

Do you like to taste different types of dishes?Have you ever tried to explore the dishes of different cuisines? Well, it is always fund and delight to taste diverse types of snacks and eatables. If you have never tasted something from typically south Indian menu, it is time that you do so! After all, the wider the variety in eatables, the better!

Try Your Hands At Special South Indian Snacks

Well, if you want to try out something wow then just go for Murukku! It is one of the most well-known snacks in South India and it is even more celebrated at the time of Diwali and similar festivals. It has long been the tradition at most of the homes to make scrumptious snacks like the one just mentioned. After all, if you are in India, it is good to know about cuisines and eatables of different corners of this country.

Dive deeper into this dish called

It is a popular Indian savoury snack and it is most popular in India’s southernmost states. It is cooked by blending black bean flour and rice flourinto a paste. Most of the times, Murukku is richly spiced with cumin, chilli, or onion powder. It is a main eatable of most of the South Indian homes and is also extensively available for sale from online to roadside vendors throughout the country.

Actually Indian culinary culture skins a vast array of snacks and appetizer-kind dishes. Savoury snacks such as this one ispopular as chaat. It is something that is the pride of many families. It is extremely simple to prepare and easy to transport. This Murukku is a conventional treat linked with Hindu festival Diwali. This festival is a five day “festival of lights” and it takes place every year in the month of October or sometimes in November. It is mainly a time for the families and friends to join together. During this time, sharing of scrumptious snacks and sweets is a common yet important part of most of the celebrations.

Most of the Indians take the most delight of this eatable throughout the year and not only during the time of festival. The exciting thing about this dish or you can call it snack too, is you can make it any way you like. You can add different types of toppings and can keep the level of spice as per your taste. The eatable is frequently served with tea, packed in the lunch of kids, and many people always make it a point to cater it to their visitors and guests. The ingredients can differ somewhat, but shape is generally in a form of tight spiral. Itis one of the main things about this chaat. You can take it as characteristic of Muruku.

Thus, don’t worry and give it a try. Since, now you know How to make Muruku/Murukulu/Murukku, it is time that you try it out. After all, once you will taste this eatable, you are going to fall in love with it. You can proudly cater it to your guests and visitors and win their hearts too!

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