Top Guns to Practice With in The Shooting Range

Familiarizing yourself with your weapons is one of your most important responsibilities as a shooting enthusiast, and that is going to require regular trips to your local shooting range. At the range, you should try to practice with a variety of different short and long guns until you are completely comfortable using all of the most common platforms.

Tactical Shotgun

When it comes to home defense, tactical shotguns are one of the leading options, and that is why many people regularly train with them at shooting ranges. With the proper shells, your shotgun will be able to inflict quite a bit of damage without going through multiple walls or barriers. While you are training with your tactical shotgun, you should get used to shooting in multiple positions and confined areas.

AR-Style Carbine

There are quite a few reasons why AR-style carbines have become one of the most common weapons in the country. In addition to being very ergonomic, a 9mm semi automatic rifle can also be relatively affordable to shoot. Shooting range boxes for 9mm weapons are quite inexpensive, and that means you can spend a lot of time out on the range without breaking the bank. You will also be able to customize and personalize your AR-style carbine with a variety of attachments.

.308 Bolt-Action Rifle

For long-range shooting, you will probably want to invest in a .308 bolt-action rifle or another similar weapon. Those types of rifles are extremely reliable, and they often last for decades with the proper maintenance. That being said, many shooting ranges have a very limited amount of space, and you will need to call ahead to see if they have longer lanes for scoped rifles

A Comfortable Pistol

Choosing a pistol is going to come down to personal preferences, and you will need to shoot many different models to see which is right for you. One individual might prefer a larger weapon that they can enjoy at the range while another person could want a smaller pistol that they will be able to carry every day. You also have the option of getting a pistol that fires the same rounds as your rifle so that you don’t have to bring multiple types of ammunition with you.

If you have recently purchased one of these firearms, then you should consider taking a tactical or safety course at your gun range. During those classes, you are going to learn more about your new gun from an experienced specialist and be able to put a few rounds through it in a safe and controlled environment.

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