Top 10 Tips You Need To Know Before Investing In A CSCS Card!

Firstly, if you are reading this then you are probably already well aware of what CSCS card is, where you get it from and what it allows you to do, so if you do then skip right to the next paragraph, if not then keep reading. The UK have a CITB Health and Safety Test called a CSCS card (Construction Skill Certification Scheme), it tells potential employers that the owner of the card has sufficient knowledge of all health and safety aspects whilst working on a building site. You take the test on your individual trade, this means that questions are subject specific to your trade.

Why take the Test? 

The CSCS Test is a multiple choice exam (it makes it that little bit easier I think!), the topics covered are health, safety and your working environment. It is computer based and will assess you on areas of health and safety and hazards which are relevant to your specific trade. The basic CSCS test, which is also known as the Operative CSCS test, this tends to be taken by most workers including bricklayers, labourers and carpenters.

Top 10 Tips You Need To Know Before Investing In A CSCS Card!

Contractor Advantages

CSCS cards provide a level of Health and Safety that all workers to be at in order for you to show your clients that they are all accomplished and responsible to a certain level, before they allowing them to work on their site.  This means you can:

  • eliminate fake cards gaining access to site
  • check workers are holding the correct card for the job
  • store evidence of training that members of staff have undertaken

Cardholder Advantages

If you are a construction worker looking to maximise your levels of work then you would be silly not to get a CSCS card! It shows employers that you have the required qualifications, training and experience to carry out your work on a construction site.

  • Gives you evidence on site about your skills and training
  • The card authorises your achievements and qualifications
  • Reduces the number of different cards you need to carry as it can be used by your employers for multiple purposes


The test itself cost £17.50 and once you have passed this test you can order your CSCS card (remember you will need a passport sized photograph of yourself) for a following £30. If you pay first time it isn’t too expensive! There are plenty of test centres up and down the country, Autec Industrial Construction Training offer CSCS training and training courses, as well as plenty of other industrial qualifications such as renewal NRSWA training. Plenty of online portals such as CSCS Card have loads of resources for you to practice with online too before you go! So what are you waiting for? Get revising and good luck!

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