Top 10 Things To Consider When Selecting An Enterprise Video Platform For Internal Communications

Internal Communications is that function which brings together the top management and the employee base. In order to achieve organizational success, it is imperative for businesses to cultivate a culture that focuses on transparent communication. Among the many channels available today, video is one that is most sought after. Organizations today are investing in enterprise video platforms to communicate their brand value to stakeholders. So what are those top 10 things management should look at while selecting an Enterprise Video Platform? Take a look here.

Top 10 Things To Consider When Selecting An Enterprise Video Platform For Internal Communications


Flexibility is paramount and that should be a mainstay among all features of video collaboration software. So what makes a platform optimally user-friendly? Though it largely depends on your specific requirements, there are some features that most have agreed to be a good package. Customizability, detail editing controls, call to action options, access rights, analytics, etc. make a platform user worthy.


Since it is confidential data of your clients, sensitive business materials and such we are talking about, you have to be absolutely certain that the platform you are going to use for internal communication assures impenetrable security in both storage and delivery. To assure this, most EVPs encrypt video contents that are both at rest and in transit.


An EVP that is not friendly with mobile technology is half asolution. Video viewing should be enabled from all sorts of computing and mobile devices, and that should not come at the risk of security breach. Though there are very few providers who can meet both the ends, but they are there. Look for EVPs compatible with desktops, laptops, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, communicators and whatnot.


There could be times when you would want to share a particular video content to a relevant group and not everyone with an access key to your business network. The video collaboration software should be able to offer you the flexibility of adding and disabling such restrictions for reasons of discretion or select communication.


The first thing about enterprise video is that it can be shared within a company staff in real time. So, you need a medium that can deliver your video content in real time without any lag beyond that cannot be absolutely avoided for your intranet. Your employees should be able to catch your town hall meeting live from any location around the world.


A bug could be the source of a potential slow-down in the communication flow of your business. You need a support team at hand for immediate action. Look for enterprise mobile platforms that assign a team of technical support executives to help its users tide over such hang-ups in a jiff. The differing time zones and distance of locations shouldn’t get in the way. So, look for a platform that is backed by a 24/7 support service.


The podium might be your medium, but the analytics are your treasures. Make sure your platform offers a straight access to all that data.


You need an EVP that integrates seamlessly with your company CMS. This will make uploading, publishing and managing content so much easier.

CMS Nativity

As mentioned in the point above, if our EVP is native to the CMS environment, not only will that facilitate video collection and management, but it will also make the content discoverable.

Slide Share

At some point you might need to shift to PowerPoint presentations from videos to convey a message to your company people. The chosen EVP should have a SharePoint function for those crossroads.

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