Top 10 Sports Games for Android

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics published a report in 2015 according to which we spend around 4 to 5 hours every day in sports or leisure activities. We, human beings are always looking to maximize our gain and to minimize the required time. In the limited amount of free time we get, everyday spending 4 – 5 hours on sports seems quite a lot. The smartphones that we carry around in our pockets contains the perfect solution to this problem which is gaming applications. But with new sports games are being released every other day, it becomes hard for a user to know which one of them will suit their needs the best. Whether you prefer being the captain of your team and creating never losing tactics or being the lone wolf in the big league, there is an app out there that will meet all of your demands and needs. Here is a list of the top 10 sports games that we find the best:


  • 9 Innings Baseball: Com2uS releases a game almost every other year called “9 Innings Baseball”, this is a free app but comes with in-app purchases. It comes with all 30 MLB teams, 1400 players, and all the latest roasters. This game works as a combination of card collecting and the actual baseball mechanics, which enhances the gaming experience of the users.
  • Homerun Battle 2: Another baseball game developed by Com2uS is “Homerun Battle 2”. This game has only one goal i.e. to score as many home runs as you can in a given amount of time. The game allows their users to experience it in 6 different modes: Training Mode for new players and for those players who firmly believe that practice is the key to success, Survival Mode which is to see how long a player can survive in Match-Up Item Battle, Mission Mode allows a player to lead a team of 4 players to complete various missions, Burning Mode offers unlimited throws& Arcade Mode allows a player to gain achievements and make new records. This game doesn’t focus on providing the user with “real atmosphere” but rather on the gameplay which makes it much more fun.


  • Super Stickman Golf 3: If you are a golf fan then Noodlecake Studios’ Super Stickman Golf 3 is a must have for you. It offers 20+ courses to be mastered with more than 100 holes and different kinds of obstacles (such as magnets, obstacles that move and terrain that sticks) are standing between you and the hole. This game is not a classic golf sim, it will provide you with terrains that bend the laws of physics and allow you to master them. There is a multiplayer mode, to show off your mad golfing skills to the world.


  • Golf Star: If you prefer simple and classic over the wacky ones then Com2uS’s Golf Star was made just for you. This game offers stunning and real-to-life graphics. It comes with 4 different modes: Career mode in which you can play single player rounds to complete various goals or compete in the NPC tournament, Friend match mode will let you compete against your friends in real time, 1:1 Tournament mode will let you compete with players from all around the world & Skins Mode will allow 4 players at max to play in a tournament and to win the prize money. There are weekly tournaments to spice things up a bit.


  • Fishing Hook: There are not many fishing games available as android apps and the ones that available are not usually up to the par. Fishing Hook is one of the good ones, it offers good graphics and very simple and easy to understand gameplay. The player will toss the line out to catch the fish, wait for some time and when the fish catches the line that is when the real battle begins, bringing them in might not be as easy as it sounds.


  • Rapala Fishing: Rapala Fishing is also one of the good fishing games out in the market. It offers similar gameplay as the above-mentioned game. The only major difference is it offers various locations rather than just one as well as a daily challenge feature to keep things interesting.

Other Games to Lookout For

  • Fifa 16: If you’re a football fan then you probably already know about Fifa 16 which is the latest free game in the Fifa franchise. Like 9 Innings Baseball, it also combines card collecting and football mechanics to improve the gameplay. The main idea is to create your perfect team using the cards you have collected. This game offers more than 500 teams, 10000+ players, and all the latest roasters.


  • Archery Master 3D: Like fishing, good archery games are also hard to find. Archery Master 3D is one of the best archery games, it comes with more than 100 levels that you can complete and also offers 4 different locations to play in. The graphics are pretty good and the gameplay is very simple. All the player has to do is fulfill the objectives to move on to the next level. Stick Cricket 2
  • Stick Tennis Tour: Stick Tennis Tour is one of the decent tennis games out in the market. It allows the user to make their own character, customize it and compete in various tournaments. You can also challenge real tennis players in the world of this game. It offers good graphics, simple gameplay and also allows to sync your game with your social media profiles so that you can share your stats with your friends.


  • Stick Cricket 2: Stick Cricket 2 is one of the best cricket gaming apps. You can launch your own cricket career which starts with you playing in a local park and progress to you representing a local cricket club and one day even your own country. There are 90 levels to beat, these include Six Derby, Last Man Standing, No Dots, Survival, Time Attack and Consecutive Boundaries. You can win 30 trophies and even earn your own gear. You can also keep the track of your stats on multiple devices.

Author Bio: Hilary Addison, the article’s author, provide services to IT industry. Hilary is also a video production artist at Animated Video Maker – HelloAnimations. She is also an excellent social worker and she always ready to stand for women rights.

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