Top 10 Coolest Floor Mats You’ve Ever Seen

Your car can be outfitted to reflect your personal style in many different ways. If you’re neglecting the floor mats, you’re missing out, as the following examples of cool floor mats show. Remember that your floor mats can stand out as great aesthetic enhancements to your vehicle and, if you want to go for the most practical possible floor mats, you can pick something that is super advanced and that allows you to preserve the interior of your vehicle and very innovative ways. Here are 10 floor mats that are worth looking at.

Animal Prints

Top 10 Coolest Floor Mats You've Ever Seen

Some people like to make a look a little bit wild, and animal prints are great for that. There are plenty of options if you want to go this route, with some great cheetah skin animal prints included below as an example. Why cheetah skin? It definitely looks good, but the fact that it already has some spots on it can also help to distract from dirt if they get a little bit messy in use.

Team Loyalty

Top 10 Coolest Floor Mats You've Ever Seen

Advertising your favorite team on your formats might get you some praise or something of a rise out of your friends, but these are always great options. Just about every major sports league has some version of these types of formats licensed and their great additions to any vehicle.


Go Gothic Top 10 Coolest Floor Mats You've Ever Seen

Jack Skellington is a great addition to any vehicle that has something of a Gothic feel to it and great vehicles and that aesthetic are certainly not mutually exclusive. Consider these floor mats if you want to go a little on the dark side.

High Tech

Top 10 Coolest Floor Mats You've Ever Seen

These WeatherTech custom fit floor mats are great for those who live in rugged environments. The cool part is not having road salt and other filth destroy your interior!



Diamond Plate Aluminum Floor Mats

Top 10 Coolest Floor Mats You've Ever Seen

If you want to show the world that you’re not messing around with your formats, these are probably great options. They go great with large trucks that have running boards along the side made of the same material.


Xtreme Floor Mats

Top 10 Coolest Floor Mats You've Ever Seen

Xtreme Floor Mats from Lund have a very cool, high tech look to them that makes them great for fast, powerful vehicles. Of course, they’re great for vehicles that get dirty a lot, too, as these mats are all about keeping the floor clean in the extreme!



Carbon Fiber

Top 10 Coolest Floor Mats You've Ever Seen

These floor mats have the same futuristic look as the aluminum ones in a carbon fiber design. If you want to get fancy with your interior, this is definitely a look to consider.


Top 10 Coolest Floor Mats You've Ever Seen


Clear floor mats do have their advantages and, combined with the right mix of other interior accessories, they can definitely be cool. They’re also very inexpensive, which makes them a good option. If you have great carpet in your vehicle and want to protect, but not cover, it, these are good choices.



You Can Never Go Wrong…

Top 10 Coolest Floor Mats You've Ever Seen

Skulls are big right now, so why not get some for your interior? Here are some options but, remember, there are always plenty of variations on this theme to choose from!


There are plenty of other aftermarket options out there for making your interior pop. Remember that you should have a balance of protection and looks, however. Your floor mats can be great ways to accessories your vehicle, but they should protect your vehicle, first and foremost!

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