Tips To Replace The Seats Of Can Am Commander

Most UTV owners consider aftermarket seats a luxury. While a lot of factory seats offer decent support, the aftermarket offerings enjoy years of research and development behind them, and are made to seamlessly work with harnesses. There are several companies that make high quality seats, from UTV parts and accessories manufacturer to Pro Armor, to companies that specialize in seats like Beard, Twisted Stitch and Beard. We have used the following seats on our Commanders and have been very impressed with their style, quality and durability. Of all the Can Am Commander accessories you can add to make your vehicle safer, racing seats are the most useful.

Suspension seats use the same type of cording used in parachutes to suspend the seat in air to minimize shaking in violent off-road conditions. Beard’s new Torque suspension seat design is the ultimate racing and hardcore driving seat. Beard has used their extensive racing experience to determine the ideal seat angle and pitch for hardcore performance driving. The torque seat is brought to you by the off-road seating company that has been building the best Racing Seats for more than 20 years. Beard Toque seats provide the comfort, stability and excellent side support necessary for racing applicaitons, and they are compatible with the Commander’s stock roll cage. They can even be ordered in a variety of custom color combinations. The Torque seats require a seat mounting kit, and they are available for the RZR, Commander, Maverick, Rhino and most other major UTV models.

Turnkey UTV partnered with Beard to design their own suspension seat specifically for the Commander. TurnKey UTV Can Am Commander Seats are the first High Back Suspension Seat designed to fit stock units. This “Fuel” seat is easy to install, and it offers extensive adjustability, allowing the rider to move the seat forward and back up to four inches perfect for shorter riders. The seat features an extra tall height that conceals the Commander’s stock headrest. The Fuel seat is more comfortable and stable, with extra side containment and support. The belt notch makes seat removal a cinch and provides better comfort for larger occupants. The fuel seat features a removable seat cushion for easy cleaning. The seat’s double-stitching maximizes both strength and durability. The seat features direct bolt-on design, and usually ships in one to two weeks. For these seats and dozens of parts and accessories for the Can Am Commander, visit

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