Tips to Make a Million Dollars Fast

1. For the adulation of Steve Jobs, stop creating articles and casework from scratch. Instead, resourcefully seek out avant-garde combinations of absolute solutions, abundant like a accomplished columnist creates fresh acceptation from old words. The auto didn’t appear from attenuate air. On the contrary, it resulted as an amalgamation of two absolute forms of transportation: the horse carrying and beef engine.

2. Use your abilities and passions to your advantage. Integrate three of your interests to see what adroit combinations you can generate. For example, I’m an ambitious activity sports and hip hop enthusiast who films skateboarding videos while rapping about entrepreneurship.

3. Look to the accustomed apple for inspiration. George de Mestral invented Velcro afterwards advertent that burrs of the burdock bulb ashore to his dog’s fur. Moral of the story: de Mestral didn’t draw his afflatus from a bare slate. Conversely, he redesigned an absolute technology that Mother Nature crafted meticulously, continued afore his own alluvial arrival.

4. Develop commercially applicable solutions that abode specific affliction points. Afore about breeding solutions to problems that cipher cares about, footfall aback and ask yourself, what affliction point am I remedying? To their peril, entrepreneurs generally carelessness to appraise chump and user pains. As a result, they accomplish cher business decisions based on abstinent assumptions.

Tips to Make a Million Dollars Fast

5. Realize that beneath is more. Southwest Airlines adored $10 actor in ammunition costs artlessly by installing lighter seats in its airliners. Southwest developed what artefact designers alarm a Minimum Applicable Artefact (MVP), which contains all of the apparatus all-important for functionality, but annihilation more.

Consider French aviator Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s advice: “You apperceive you’ve accomplished accomplishment in design, not back you accept annihilation added to add, but back you accept annihilation added to booty away.”

6. Observe how others accomplish aerial achievement levels and imitate them. At the accident of tooting Southwest’s horn, the airline additionally cut operating costs — abbreviation the bulk of time that its aircrafts spent ashore — back it adopted the aforementioned accelerated refueling techniques active by Formula One racers. Imagine how altered technologies acclimated in one acreage could be acclimatized to break problems in addition industry.

7. Dare to be altered and others will bethink you. Just anticipate about the iPhone. Apple boarded Blackberry’s accouterments keyboard to abeyance by accomplishing absolutely the adverse of its competitor: designing a blow awning with beneath buttons. Imagine a Blackberry, or any artefact for that matter, on Adverse Day. That’s one of the best able means to differentiate your products. Define the attributes of an absolute band-aid and about-face them. Whatever the antagonism makes, accomplish the opposite.

*8. Infiltrate beginning bazaar space. In the 1980’s, confronted with crumbling attendance, Cirque du Soleil reinvented the circus. Rather than adorable crumbling crowds of accouchement with taller giants and faster blaze jugglers, Cirque targeted an absolutely fresh bazaar segment. In accomplishing so, Cirque afflicted the bazaar game. It accustomed accepted bazaar amplitude by alluring flush adults who were accommodating to pay a exceptional for performances of incomparable proportions. Follow in Cirque’s freakishly acrobatic footsteps.

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