Tips For Renting Party Equipment

You may be getting ready to host a big event or party in the near future, and oftentimes these events require renting out party equipment. While it might seem like a quick and easy thing to do, there are some steps to keep in mind to ensure that everything goes as planned. Once you have made the move of picking out the company you will be renting from, there will be other details that will need following through with until the equipment is returned to them. Here are some tips that might help you along with the process and allow you to have a smooth rental experience.

1.  First and foremost, always read the agreement that you have signed or will sign. It will be useful to keep that handy and close by to refer to during the entire process, just in case something happens that you think isn’t supposed to. If you have any big questions about what your agreement is, write them down so you can call the company and ask them at any point during the process. Always ask for reliable contact information including after hours numbers, just to be prepared for any last minute issues.

Tips For Renting Party Equipment

2. Before you sign the official rental contract it is a good idea to verify your exact days of renting. You should double check the dates you agreed on for the equipment as well as the pickup and drop off times that it will need to be back by. That way when it’s time to return everything, it will not be a major hassle to have it all ready to go.

3. Some of the larger equipment will include safety warnings or laws regarding their use. Before it arrives at your house or event location, be aware of what those safety laws and precautions are regarding the equipment that you have rented. It will be extremely important that you and whoever else will be interacting with the rental equipment to know what exactly they are dealing with, and how to work with it safely.

4. If you are ordering very large pieces of party rental equipment, always request that it gets delivered. Sometimes if the specifics of how the items get to you are not specified, it might be assumed that you are supposed to pick them up. The key thing is to always ask and review the policy that you’ve signed so that everyone on board is satisfied with the terms and agreement.

5. Always treat rental equipment as if they are your own possessions. Once you commit to borrowing items from a company, you will be responsible and liable for returning those things to them in the condition that they arrived to you. Much like renting a car, if anything happens to some of the items then there is a good chance you will be charged extra for fixing or replacing them.

6. Once you have chosen a company to rent from it is essential to know what you want to order. After speaking to a representative you should get an idea of what is available to rent, and as long as you can say with confidence what exactly you will need it will make the process easier for everyone. However, before you commit to a certain company for renting party equipment, make sure to shop around first. Prices to vary from place to place, as well as delivery terms and what items are available for use. In most cities, there are at least a few places with similar services that might be worth speaking to before you sign papers for the first company you speak to.

Written by Lindsey Rentals. Lindsey Rentals offers the best service and party rentals Columbia MO has to offer!

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