Tips For Effectively Using LinkedIn As A Marketing Tool

Sponsored Updates

If you want to get your content in front of as many eyes as possible, you might consider using sponsored updates. You’ll expand your reach of influencers and decision makers, as well as make yourself better known to people outside of your network. You have a lot of leeway in determining who will receive the updates, allowing you to get it in front of your ideal targets, and getting the most out of your investment. Choose your sponsored content wisely to ensure you are providing the most valuable content. You receive detailed analytic from LinkedIn, allowing you to fine tune your campaign.

Spice Up Your Profile with Rich Visual Content

Humans are visual creatures, and graphics, high quality photos, screen share presentations, videos, screen shots and infographics can give your profile an edge, and make your business look much more professional, credible and authoritative. This is not a set it and forget it type of thing, it is to your benefit to always be adding something new when appropriate, such as a recent feature in a magazine, sample of a client’s work or recently launched products.

Tips For Effectively Using LinkedIn As A Marketing Tool

Value First and Foremost

Providing value is a key component of successful content and social media marketing. Not only do you want to share your own information-packed blog posts and articles, but other helpful information that will address your target audience’s needs and problems. The marketing company US Data Corporation’s profile perfectly illustrates this. Not only are they publishing regular content of their own, they are sharing relevant posts from authority sites such as Mashable.

You can also provide value by giving thoughtful responses in discussion forums. Don’t just spam with links and blatant promotional content. Answer questions. Be seen as a valuable resource for information.

Don’t Just Make Connections, Develop Relationships

Developing real relationships with other people on the network is crucial for getting the most out of it. This is something many of us aren’t good at. We want quick fixes; we just want to blast links and get people to buy our stuff. But, taking the time to form real connections with the people you meet on the site is invaluable and a worthwhile use of your time. Ask people questions; share information you think they might find useful. It is these genuine connections that lead to referrals, testimonials, blog posts reviewing your products and services, and all that good stuff. Be willing to offer your assistance. Think of the big picture and not just of immediate benefits—doing so will make it much easier to stick to this strategy.

It is Not Just an Online Resume

This site is not just about showcasing work experience and skills. This is a place to make connections with influencers, form mutually beneficial relationships and grow your business. Make sure you include information such as your unique selling points, what makes your business different from the rest, client testimonials, and other information that will show people you are good at what you do and you know how to help them.

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