Timeless Staples to Add to Your Working Wardrobe

If you’re a recent college graduate or otherwise new to the working world, your wardrobe probably is still made up of bits and pieces from your school days. However, even if the dress code at your office trends casual, there are certain staples that every woman who is working in business occupations should have in their closets. We’ll start with staples for your wardrobe, then we’ll talk about jewelry.

A Good Blazer

A blazer can be thrown on in a pinch to turn a business casual look into a classic business look. A quality blazer will be one of the most important business wardrobe purchases that you’ll make during the course of your career, so take your time selecting the right one. It should fit well, be made of quality materials such as fine wool or cashmere, and feature classic styling that won’t be left behind in a few seasons.

Tailored Slacks

Your slacks do not need to be the formal kind paired with a matching suit jacket. The important thing is to look for a pair of pants that can be dressed up or dressed down. When paired with a French-tucked tee, you have the perfect business casual look. When paired with a blouse and dressy shoes or heels, you are ready for a formal interview. Try on lots of pairs to get the perfect fit for your body type, or take your pants to an inexpensive tailor for extra polish.

A Top Quality Dress

A top quality dress can get you through those times when the occasion calls for business formal attire. This could be business dinners with major players, local awards ceremonies where your company is in the running for community recognition, Certain conservative types of businesses such as banking or law may require employees in key positions to wear business formal clothing during regular business hours, but this is usually only the case for those in the top tier of the corporate food chain.

The dress should feature tailored styling and be made of wool or silk in a solid color. With proper care, a top quality, business formal dress will last for decades, so be sure to select one with a classic style.

A Serious Business Bag

A work-appropriate business bag should be sleek, functional, and made of high quality materials. It should be able to contain your devices as well as have room for personal items. The best business bags are made from soft, supple leather or suede, but excellent micro suede and canvas options are also available.

Jewelry is an essential part of any person’s wardrobe. It’s an adornment that can help to enhance your look regardless of whether you’re going casual or black tie. While it would be nice to have a ton of jewelry that we can choose from, most of us can’t afford endless supplies of jewelry. Fortunately, you can typically get away with four jewelry staples that’ll match any wardrobe style.

Diamond Studs          `

Diamonds are always a great option when it comes to purchasing jewelry staples. Diamond studs go with pretty much every wardrobe possible. The studs are perfect for piercings in the ears, navel, nose, or even the chin. When purchasing a pair of diamond studs, it’s important to be mindful of the size that you purchase. Typically, larger-sized stones portray a more formal dressing attire. You’ll want to opt for a mid-size stone that goes with both casual and formal attire.

Gold Ring

Rings are a great way to bring some style to your hands. While there are many different options when it comes to rings, a Black Hills gold ring is perfect for pretty much any outfit that you decide to put on. Gold can be perceived as both a casual jewelry item and an elegant one. It’s typically best to purchase a gold ring that is sized for your ring finger.

Cuff Bracelet

Another must-have timeless jewelry staple is a cuff bracelet. These come in a variety of different metals and end adornments. These cuff bracelets provide a simple look that helps to bring life to your wrists and hands. While having cuff bracelets in many different types of metals can help to ensure that you have options, it’s not necessary. Rather, having one cuff bracelet in your favorite metal is enough to accent any look.


Watches are a great way to help keep track of time while bringing some style to your wardrobe. A traditional face watch is highly preferred to bring some simplicity to your look. While there are many different style bands out there for you to choose from, you’ll typically want to stick with a few different options. These include a metal design like silver, gold, and titanium. Opting for a leather material that comes in either brown, navy, or black is a great option too.

A Pair of Classic Earrings

A good pair of classic gold earrings can last your entire career and will pair with everything from business casual through business formal. Small, conservative earrings made with the best quality of gold that you can afford will make a better impression on clients and superiors than overly trendy jewelry.

If gold isn’t your preference, consider earrings made from silver instead. Another elegant option appropriate for business environments is a simple pair of pearl studs.

Jewelry has always been a way to help enhance one’s style since the beginning of time. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need many different jewelry options to enhance your wardrobe. In fact, having the staples that we covered above can help to ensure that you look good no matter what you’re wearing.

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