Timber Vs uPVC Windows

With its reputation for being so strong, durable and extremely low maintenance, you can see why uPVC is so popular for modern replacement windows and doors. Compared to more traditional materials, uPVC is extremely hard wearing. The plastic blend makes it perfect for strong durable windows and makes them extremely easy to clean, with a simple soapy cloth.  This strong material can also make uPVC windows much more secure than original timber windows. The modern, updated locking system available with uPVC windows is also a great selling point for uPVC over more traditional options.

The main thing that draws people to continue with classic timber windows, is that distinctive timber style. Timber windows are cut and joined in a certain way, which gives a traditional elegance and feel that previously you have not been able to replicate with modern windows.

Timber Vs uPVC Windows

Timber Windows

Timber windows can be very expensive to keep. They require a lot of love and care to keep them in tip top condition, looking beautiful for your home.  Treating the wood to ensure it does not rot or mould is very important and keeping your windows with a fresh coat of paint each year is also very important.  These are all time consuming and expensive tasks, but go a long way to improving the ongoing appearance of your home.

If you live in a very classic styled property or even a listed building, having a windows that blend in with this style is so important. The Heritage windows style is something that home owners with traditional buildings require to keep their property style in place. Until now timber windows was the only real option for this, without changing the overall appearance of your property and having prominent modern windows fitted to a heritage style property.

Timber Vs uPVC Windows

Flush Sash Windows

This gap in the market has been present for some time, with a modern option needed for the older heritage style properties. Flush Sash windows are now available and fit this gap perfectly.  Flush Sash windows are exactly what the name suggest, a window with the sash fitting flush to the frame. This gives the same look and feel as traditional timber windows, which are also built in a more flush design compared to normal modern windows.  The modern flush sash windows are becoming very popular and are allowing heritage style home owners to upgrade their windows to a modern option and still keep the beautiful classic feel to their home.

It doesn’t just stop at the flush design for the uPVC Flush Sash Windows. The modern windows have been designed in a variety of wood grain finishes to look exactly like their timber counterparts. Previously, wood effect windows looked very “fake” and could still easily be recognised as uPVC windows still. The new woodgrain colours available are amazing and in many cases make it almost impossible to tell the difference between a real timber window frame and a uPVC flush sash window.  Add in some stunning glass options and classic ironmongery style handles and you have the perfect modern option for your classic home.

Flush Sash windows are becoming more popular and many window companies are now stocking them as an option for your home. Be sure to consider flush sash windows when upgrading your windows as a low maintenance alternative to costly timber frames.

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