Things You Must Know About Field Hockey

The game of field hockey requires the skills of stick handling and is a very popular game worldwide. There have been many transitions in the game and since then there has been no room for any kind of physical contact. Also, the sport turned pretty technical. Hockey is an old game and with the advent of many new sports, people’s excitement about this particular game has diminished. This is one of the oldest games and people need to watch or play this with the same kind of excitement as well. For this reason, the international sports federation have finally decided to add a few rules in order to add thrill and speed to field hockey.

Let us now see some of the basic facts about the game.

Tossing the Coin

Just like any other game, field hockey also begins by tossing a coin by the umpire. Also, the team which is playing in its home will choose what they wish to go ahead with i.e. heads or tails. Whichever team wins the toss, it will have two options to decide upon. They can choose defending first or possession of the ball. After all these, the match begins when the team which won the toss makes its final decision.

Strength of the Teams

In field hockey, there are 11 players which include a goalie and also there are 5 substitute players who are always available in the sideline. Sometime the need of an extra player may arise by replacing the goalie. Also, one thing should be noted that the addition of an extra player can only happen with the decision of an umpire.

Players Positions on Field

There is no hard and fast rule for the position of players on the hockey field. However, it must be noted that the teams play mostly in defensive, attack and midfield positions. Also, there is no compulsion to have a goalie in the team but most of the well known hockey teams do have a goalie. The minimum number of players required for considering it a hockey game is 9, including the goalie.

Importance of a Goalie

The job of goalie is probably the toughest in the field. They need to wear heavy pads on leg, hand, feet and a big helmet. The high end leg guards and kickers are also designed to provide protection. Hence, it is important to buy the right kind of hockey goalie equipment. Apart from everything else, it is important to buy the right kind of goalie helmet. One can search for the same online as there are some reputed online websites available who sells branded goalie equipment. The best thing about buying from these websites is that one can order them online and wait for the products to get delivered at their doorstep. Hence, whoever wishes to buy hockey gears and equipment should start searching for the right kind of sports gear selling website online.

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