Travelling is a beautiful escape from your daily life and it’s never ending demands. When thinking of a vacation spot, you often think peace quiet and relaxation where I can get nothing all day but laze around. While that might be perfectly fine, a little exploration never hurt anyone. Salt lake city, Utah, is one vacation destination you should definitely have on your list of places to visit in the United States. It is a hubbub of activity and draws from the rich culture of the Salt Lake Valley. There are numerous places you can visit and activities you can engage in that are suitable for a wholesome family experience.



You have not been to Salt Lake City if you have not visited the Great Salt Lake. This is literally, where the city got its name from. It is the eight largest terminal Lake in the world covering one thousand six hundred and ninety nine square miles. It is home to a number of water fowl, native birds and brine shrimp and hosts about eleven known islands.


Temple Square Christmas

This four-hectare (approximately ten acres) in the middle of Salt Lake City is a tourist site of historical significance. The coming to being of the city is tied to the temple built by the first Mormon occupants of the Salt lake valley commissioned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints’ president Mr. Brigham Young in 1853 and took a whooping forty years to complete. If you are a history buff then this is just the place. It also offers a beautiful learning experience for your children as they get to interact with history.



The Snowbird Ski & Summer Resort is an all year skiing and summer resort located in the Wasatch natural forest in Wasatch mountains. It hosts a wide range of activities from skiing, cycling, hiking to zip lining and has a panoramic view of the mountains that is to die for. They offer a number of packages for their outdoor activities as well as their boarding and dining services. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, some family fun and bonding time or looking to explore the great outdoors whatever the season, this is most certainly the place for you.


Orangutan - Hoggle Zoo

The Hoggle zoo sits on a forty-two acre piece of land as you enter Emigration Canyon and is named after the couple that donated the piece of land for its establishment. It is home to a diverse of animals and birds found in different environments. Experience a piece of every ecosystem in the world and interact with wildlife from across the globe at Hoggle zoo. Remember not to feed the animals though.


If you are looking for a travel destination that is not only great for relaxation but offers a learning opportunity to you and your own, then Salt Lake City is definitely the place for you. The City is well covered by a well-maintained road network thus it shouldn’t be difficult to get to most places. It is therefore a great idea to look up a car rental at Salt Lake City as you plan to visit these four amazing cites.

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