Things Every Cricket Lover Must Do!

Cricket is a sport that all ages can enjoy! It’s played worldwide and is accompanied by a large audience and dramatic scenes (of the good kind). If you love cricket, it’s about time you got up and experienced this amazing sport to its fullest potential!

It’s essential that you go to matches!

Whether at your local cricket club, or across seas or land; It’s an adventure in itself. If you have family or friends who play cricket, how about give them a nice visit during one of their matches! This up’s their support and motivation as well as giving you a wonderful day out! Or you could risk it all and travel further. How about you book a holiday for the family when a match is being played? Then you can relax and have some well needed ‘me’ time in a nice country, experiencing different cultures, foods and sights knowing full well you have an adventure ahead of you!

Maybe even take part?

Watching the sport and taking part are two completely different things, yet they correlate so well. This way you can have hands-on experience with the players, build your own team and if you’re a novice, build skills and learn every in and out of the wonderful world of cricket. Usually, when in a team you can play against others and if a tournament is far away or overseas, it’s cheaper, and you get added benefits while being on a little holiday. What’s not to love?

If you really want to experience all of what cricket has to offer…

Go take part and book yourself a tour! Cricket tours run all year round and usually combine package deals, so it’s is essentially cheaper. These enable you to not only watch the matches, but visit iconic cricket places, gain knowledge in the sport and even have the possibility to meet legendary cricket players!

Delve into the wonders of cricket!

Grab yourself a ticket and head on over to a cricket museum. In the UK there are vast amounts of museums that specialise in cricket history and memorabilia. This, of course, is for the all-time cricket fans. Usually coming at a cheap price, these places are a must go! Some are even tailored specifically for certain teams!

  • Somerset Cricket Museum
  • MCC Museum
  • Yorkshire County Cricket Club Museum
  • Marylebone Cricket Club Museum
  • Sussex Cricket Museum

And for the big finale…

Taking part in the ICC Cricket World Cup. Considered the ‘flagship event of the international cricket calendar,’ The games you see on TV come to life in one insane day. Held in a different country every 4 years, don’t forget to get your ticket. People in Britain and Wales, be prepared! The ICC is held in your very own country in 2019. This means cheaper travel and cheaper accommodation for you!


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