These Guys Search For More Games Like The Ones You Love So You Don’t Have To

PC / Video gamers looking for more games like the ones they love should pay Games Like Zone a visit. Made up of a team of three avid gamers from across the globe, these guys (and girl) create original lists of games like the ones you love. Current lists include ‘Games Like Fallout 4’, ‘Games Like SimCity’, ‘Games Like Bloodborne’, ‘Games Like Life is Strange’, among others, with new lists added every week. Selections are based off titles which have similar gameplay mechanics, storylines, characters, graphics, settings, and other common criteria. Such lists make up the bulk of the site and offer a lot of insightful gaming-related recommendations that will satisfy fans of popular titles. No longer will you have to scavenge around the Internet for loose titles – not when everything is neatly compiled into comprehensible lists for you!

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The site also writes featured news articles, such as their Top 10 list of Tough Female Video Game Characters. This list showcases not just Lara Croft, but a host of other interesting female protagonists that are always talked about in gaming circles. New Top 10 lists are being added every few days. Games Like Zone also has other informative stories, such as their collection of practical yet cool PS4 accessories or lists of virtual reality headsets under $50. These kinds of articles make Games Like Zone a resourceful go-to place for those looking to enhance their gaming experience with affordable peripheral devices, gadgets, and hardware. New website sections are still being added based on reader feedback. Comments are also always welcomed, and the writers have shown a willingness to amend their lists to include other titles loved by gamers.

Games Like Zone also has a very active Instagram account which has grown rapidly over the past few months. The site owners have shown a willingness to engage with their readers in their efforts to create lists that truly reflect particular gaming preferences. We believe this site carries a lot of potential and look forward to seeing how everything will grow from here. The young team is also looking to recruit new staff members, so gamers with a knack for writing may wish to apply.

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