The Virtual Office Difference – Benefits of Utilising Premium Virtual Offices across Several Locations In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a fast-paced, vibrant port city that has long been one of the world’s leading financial centres. With low taxes and almost free port trade, its economy is highly dependent on international trade and finance. With English being fairly widely spoken, Hong Kong is an ideal place to set up if you want to break into the Asian market.

Virtual offices can help you to get a foot in the door. They’re affordable and flexible and can provide you with all of the benefits of having physical office space in Hong Kong without any of the risks associated. If you’re looking for a virtual office in Hong Kong, choose from 3 premium locations across Hong Kong with Servcorps premium virtual office solutions.

Let’s find out what benefits your business can enjoy from utilising several virtual office locations in Hong Kong.

You Don’t Have to Wait

Time is of the essence in this fast-paced business environment. When you acquire the services of a virtual office, it’s a much smoother and faster process than getting set up in a conventional office. There’s no downtime, no waiting around for internet and phone providers to come and install wires and equipment.

Once you’ve signed up, you have instant access to a fully functional office space, leaving you free to get started on working towards your business goals straight away. This is extremely convenient because these administrative tasks may not prove so easy to complete if you don’t speak Chinese.

You Have Flexibility 

Hong Kong is the most expensive place to rent office space in the world, so you definitely don’t want to get locked in to a long-term office lease here. Virtual office providers don’t want to lock you in to binding leases. They understand that flexibility is important in business and they simply charge a month to month rolling fee which includes all utilities so there are no hidden costs. You can choose from a variety of packages depending on your requirements and you can terminate at any time without issue.

It would definitely be a smart business move to use virtual office solutions to expand your operations into the Hong Kong marketplace.

Instant Access to a Team of Professional Support Staff 

When you acquire the services of a virtual office, you’ll get instant access to professional and highly trained secretarial and IT support staff. You won’t have to stress out about missing important business calls as your virtual assistant will be on hand to take and forward calls as per your instructions.

Create a Buzz with a Premium Hong Kong Location 

Unfortunately, people will make a decision about the standing of your business based on your address and this ‘location-judging’ will happen in Hong Kong too. Servcorp offers three premium virtual office locations in Hong Kong, meaning you can have access to a prestigious address of your choice, wowing your prospective clients without the risks and hefty price tag.

One Peking is an award-winning sail-shaped building in the heart of the Tsim Sha Tsui district, a major commercial area for business in Kowloon.

The Hong Kong Club Building is located in the heart of the business, financial and commercial centre of Central.

Two International Finance Centre (Two IFC) is the tallest building on Hong Kong Island, the financial hub of Hong Kong. It has even been featured in Batman The Dark Knight. What an impressive address to use for your business correspondence!

All locations are conveniently located with every amenity imaginable – shopping malls, restaurants and easy access to metro, bus and ferry transport systems.

Virtual Offices are the Key to your Business’ Success

With all these benefits and more on offer through utilising premium virtual offices in multiple locations in Hong Kong, virtual offices will make all the difference to your success in succeeding in the Asian marketplace.

Once you’re up and running it will be up to you to capitalise on the many opportunities that come your way in this diverse and thriving economy.

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