The purpose and Health Benefits of Employing home Healthcare nurse

Hospitals are places where people can receive proper medical treatments for either their acute or chronic illness. But sometimes depending on the nature and extent of the disease or injury the patients do not have the physical and mental strength to go to the hospitals. For homebound patients, there are home health agencies which have doctors, nurses, and therapist that they appoint for a particular patient.

The health services provided at home are no less than an ordinary hospital, and the main purpose of these services is to improve the condition of the patient and relieve the pain. Initially, a doctor may diagnose the patient and recommend further treatment at their homes.  Home healthcare nurse Houston Texas is a skilled and trained nurse who is taken to look after the sick patients and tend to their physical, social and medical needs.

Home healthcare nurse Houston Texas is mostly employed for older adults who suffer from chronic illnesses such as arthritis, heart problems, neurological disorders, for patients who are rehabilitating from a surgical operation, and patients who have had an accident and need medical look after in bed.

The nurses who are hired or sent by home health agencies are responsible for carrying the following essential tasks which include

  • Continually monitoring the condition and vital signs of the patient and
  • Giving the patients medications at the prescribed time
  • Using instruments to check patients’ blood pressure, heart rate, and pulse
  • Administering injections and fluids to the patients who are weak and need nutrition or oxygen
  • Properly bandaging the wound if a patient has been in an accident
  • Scheduling sessions of occupational and physical therapy
  • Updating the patient’s condition with the doctor and asking for further on the health of the patient.
  • Providing emotional support, and counsel to the patients and his/her family.

For elder and homebound people to home health is a helpful solution as it avoids the worries of leaving the patient in the house alone. There is also this fact that at old age people tend to get lonely and depressed and need adequate social interaction and love. Home health care lets people keep their loved ones at home and save the affluent cost associated with hospital care.

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Hospice care is designed to provide love, care, and support to your loved ones during their final phase of life. Anchor Hospice believes in providing the best service to the terminal patient which will help them feel relaxed and comforted. Our focus and goal a pain-free and quality life to the patients. The services we offer include pain management, counseling and home health nurse.

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