The Importance of Graphic Design in Marketing and Advertising

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One of the most critical mistakes that a business can make is forgetting to account for the need for graphic design as they plan their marketing and advertising campaigns. Graphic design plays a number of roles in the areas of marketing and advertising, and neglecting the strength of your design, or even under-investing in it, can leave you scratching your head later.

Creation of Your Business Logo

Your business logo is something that people will be associating with your business for years. For this reason, it is something that should be designed very carefully. If you work with a graphic designer, it is more likely that you will be able to instate effective marketing and advertising campaigns, regardless of the message you are trying to send with your logo. There are many tools you can use when it comes to advertising, and a campaign is at its best when these methods are used in tandem to support each other. If you’re about to order a logo for a new product or business, think of every place that logo is going to appear. Keep this in mind as you integrate other channels and mediums into your strategy. While many printing services like BuildAFlag or Overnight Prints have design tools on their website, you don’t want that to be the moment that you realize the logo that looked so good on a business card won’t come across as well from 200 feet away.

Balancing Color, Contrast, and Branding

The colors that you use for advertising and marketing campaigns are a pretty important first step when it comes to design. You need your marketing to support your current branding, but you also need to make smart use of color and contrast in order to catch the eye. A talented graphic designer will be able to deliver visuals that blend both of these goals together, and even offer creative feedback on how your existing branding can be revised to be more effective for your marketing. The end goal, of course, being that your market will become more aware of your business and begin to associate a given color palette or silhouette with your products and services.

Photos on Social Media Attract More Viewers

It is proven that a social media post accompanied by a photo is more likely to catch the eye of readers than the same post without an image. In some industries, however, it can be difficult to find live photos related to your business that can also catch the eye of your intended audience. This is another place where your friendly graphic designer comes in handy, as they are able to generate this content for you, and from scratch.

Unity of Message

You might have caught the theme here. The reality is that your use of graphic design work touches every aspect of your marketing — nearly every medium is either reliant or somehow boosted by visual elements in some way. And since the designs you use will permeate your company message across so many different channels, it’s important that they play together well for another reason: the consistency of your brand. Your campaigns need to be effective not just to drive visibility and sales today, they need to firmly establish the reputation of your business in your market space.

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