The Importance Of Effective HR

Without an effective Human Resource department, any organization cannot establish a good team of working professionals. Generally, the  main function of the HR includes recruiting and training people, motivating employees, developing public relation,  performance appraisals, managing disputes, maintaining workplace safety,  promoting workplace communication, and more.

Another one important duty of the HR department is to create social recognition among employees. When you say social recognition, it is the process of creating opportunities for employees to have meaningful relationships with each other. Most of the organization relies on giving points-based and monetary reward system to motivate employees, but HR personnel must realize that social recognition has more impact in the long run.

Why social recognition is important in creating an effective HR department?

Social recognition is considered as the most powerful reward tools to motivate employees. This non-monetary reward is a form of recognition system that add huge value to your organization by allowing your employees give recognition to their fellow employees’ contribution to the organization under a social environment. On the other hand, recognition in the field of sociology is the act of acknowledging the employee’s status or merits for their service, virtues, and company achievements. In a business organization, social recognition is a tool used to increase communication, satisfaction, and productivity in the workplace. Recognition can be used in various forms, including employee-to-manager, manager-to-employee, and peer-to-peer.

The Importance Of Effective HR

Forms of Social Recognition

Staff recognition in the workplace can be a complimentary activity or a monetizing activity, or both. Monetized activities can be additional compensation or items with monetary value like travel abroad, cash gifts, or tickets while a complimentary activity gives employee recognition through broadcasting or public recognition to notice fellow employees. With the advancement of technology today,  your recognition strategy is becoming easier for you to build an effective HR department using social media.

Here are the four reasons why social recognition is an important strategy to establish an effective HR Department.

Always maintain transparency in the workplace

Driving a great work within an organization is easier if there is transparency in the workplace. The impact of social recognition lies in the ability of leaders and peers to see what kind of people are being recognized. Take note that transparency does not only creates excitement and encourages people to perform great work, but also showcases the heroic stories that create strong cultures and good leaders.

Insight Sharing Through Social Media

As the international collaboration and telecommunication become a norm, sharing knowledge and experience of great works through examples will give people an inside view where organizations and business units are achieving great success. This will encourage employees to emulate good behaviors.

The HR department can build a continuous loop of employee recognition and positive feedback. It enables them see and emulate positive behavior to further broaden the impact of every reward. You can leverage social interaction using the social media.

Establish trust within the organization

Social recognition software can be used to share information about the company. The HR department can create online forums for employees to provide constant feedback which will push them to achieve the company goals. It will also allow the HR department and company leaders to see the gaps that need to be addressed. Normally employees will talk about the company and you must encourage them to do it in an open forum.

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